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Menlo Labs provides insights, expertise, context and tools to aid customers on their journey to connect, communicate and collaborate securely without compromise. The collective is made up of elite security researchers that put a spotlight on the threats you know and don’t know about.


of attack vectors avoided


reduction in SecOps alerts


breaches from email and web


protection against browser patching delays

Remote browser isolation: creating a patch buffer

Traditional detect and respond leaves you lagging behind to solve yesterday’s problems. Our zero-trust, isolation-powered cloud security platform completely eliminates attacks before they happen. It’s also invisible to end users and liberates security teams.

Menlo Security’s Isolation Security Operations Center (iSOC).

Menlo Security’s Isolation Security Operations Center (iSOC) is a threat monitoring service that examines global Internet traffic that passes through the Menlo Global Cloud to identify unintended policy gaps and misconfigurations. Simply put, our iSOC is what fuels our Zero Trust approach to protecting an organization’s productivity.

Make the secure way to work the only way to work.

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