Zero Trust in the Context of Browser Security - July 16th
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Manage your browser
like the enterprise app that it is.

The browser is seen as a “black box” in organizations, the place where almost all enterprise activity takes place, but where that activity is shrouded in mystery, largely invisible to IT and security teams. 

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Too many policy choices.
Too little visibility.

The problem is not that there are no security policies or controls, but rather that there are far too many settings each requiring thought and work to set correctly. And they change constantly. Another challenge is that security events involving the browser typically require incident response teams to try to piece together what happened — that’s because web logs don’t show events in a browser session.

With a steady stream of browser vulnerabilities and endless settings and with a lack of visibility into sessions, it’s no surprise that attackers are increasingly turning their attention to the browser. 80% of attacks that try to establish a foothold in the enterprise start in the browser.

Menlo Security has the solution you need to reduce browser risk.

Keep up with all policy benchmarks all the time

Chromium-based browsers, which comprise the majority of apps used in the enterprise, come with a confounding number of different policies. In fact, between Chrome and Edge, there are more than 5,000 policies to choose from, and each has its own ramifications.

Enterprise security teams simply do not have the bandwidth to make choices regarding these policies, particularly because they change constantly. Adopting proven benchmarks developed around best practices can greatly simplify the process; the only problem is that these benchmarks change along with the policies they describe.

Menlo Security changes all that with Browser Posture Manager. With just a few clicks, you can compare your browser configurations with recommended policies. And the best news is that Menlo monitors those benchmarks constantly, so you don’t have to. You choose what policies to accept, and then easily push the new configs out to users.

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See what really happened

As incidents have occurred, security and incident response teams have been forced to cobble together the portion that occurred in browser sessions. That’s because browser sessions have been opaque in the past. Security teams have had to try to assemble a picture of the event using what puzzle pieces they can gather from network or general web security. Menlo Security delivers the answers you’ve been looking for, with Browsing Forensics. Menlo Browsing Forensics gives you all the detail you need to close issues without ambiguity, including screen recordings and keystrokes. And because security and privacy are hallmarks of Menlo, we have no access to this content; it is sent to the storage location of your choice.

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Our customers trust Menlo to deliver the most secure Enterprise Browser solution. Period.

At Menlo Security, we set out to solve the biggest security challenges for leading organizations around the globe.

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Highly evasive threats are growing as threat actors evolve how they deploy phishing and malware attacks. Tools like Menlo Security’s browser security solution, including their HEAT Shield, can help to combat cyber threat vectors for the world’s top financial institutions, governments and leading enterprises.

Michael Urciuoli
Chief Information Officer
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Menlo Security is the easiest way for us to analyze malicious URLs and combat HEAT (Highly Evasive Adaptive Threats) as we conduct our investigations and research. It has been a good solution for us when it comes to our incident response especially as we investigate hundreds of threats every day. With Menlo, we can easily detect malicious URLs leading to faster threat detection response. Menlo allows us to provide our analysts with a risk-free internet experience without impacting user performance.

Joy Luville Mahinay
Security Operations Manager
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Menlo gives us full visibility inside the browser allowing me to detect and block highly evasive threats targeting my users. Before Menlo Security we didn’t know our users were being targeted with evasive web threats until it was too late. Menlo Security now provides us with visibility into the browser allowing us to completely remove the malware problem from web and email links. Menlo allows us to provide users with a risk-free internet experience without impacting user performance.

Christopher Fong
VP, Cybersecurity & Compliance
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Menlo gives us full visibility inside the browser, allowing me to detect and block highly evasive threats targeting my users.

Ang Shun Lie Terence
Service Delivery Manager
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We know we need to protect our network from emerging attacks and threats targeting the web browser. We are seeing highly evasive threats as a concerning and growing tactic amongst threat actors, and solutions like HEAT Shield can dynamically block these attacks, even if they are zero hour, keeping our endpoints safe.

Greg Pastor
Director of Information Security

The solution prevents all web and email security threats before they enter our network. The main difference with the on-premise proxy was that we were heavily dependent on signatures, web categorization, and filtering. We have seen a decrease in the number of security alerts that our security ops team has to follow up on. Menlo provides a periodic report, which we can check on a regular basis. The report gives me confidence that the websites that are supposed to be blocked are always blocked. It lessens the tasks of the personnel who are doing web monitoring, so they're able to do other things.

Sir Jonathan Pineda
Chief Information Security Officer

Menlo provides my users a risk-free internet experience with no noticeable difference
to their browsing speed.

Jeremy Ong
Chief Information Officer