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Every browser should be a secure enterprise browser


Menlo Security unveiled its groundbreaking cloud-delivered Enterprise Browser solution. With a suite of new capabilities designed to support easy browser policy management, protect users from phishing attacks and evasive malware, and enable safe and simple hybrid work and zero-trust access, Menlo Security redefines what it means to browse safely in the modern era.

A new era of browser security

Traditional security measures often fall short of safeguarding sensitive data and stopping malicious attacks. Menlo Security Enterprise Browser solution heralds a new era of browser security, delivering end-to-end visibility and dynamic policy enforcement directly inside browser sessions and blocking zero-hour phishing, malware, and ransomware attacks. 

Gone are the days of sacrificing user experience for the sake of security. Menlo Security Enterprise Browser solution empowers users to navigate the digital landscape with confidence, without compromising on the browser they know and love. By seamlessly integrating with popular browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, Menlo Security ensures that users can enjoy a familiar browsing experience while staying shielded from online threats.

As the workforce becomes increasingly distributed, the need for secure hybrid work environments has never been greater. The Menlo Secure Cloud Browser enables the workspace of tomorrow. The Secure Cloud Browser delivers browser security to desktops and mobile work, protecting users, applications, and data.

By combining the benefits of Menlo Secure Cloud Browser and the new capabilities, the Menlo Enterprise Browser solution provides unparalleled protection against even the most advanced and evasive threats, no matter what browser users choose, wherever they may roam.

Game-changing capabilities of Menlo Security Enterprise Browser solution

The cornerstone of the Menlo Enterprise Browser solution lies in its transformative capabilities, crafted to address the evolving threat landscape and the shifting demands of modern enterprises. 

Menlo Browser Posture Manager

With the Menlo Browser Posture Manager, administrators can effortlessly manage local browser security policies within their preferred browsers, ensuring compliance with industry standards and best practices. 

Menlo Browser Extension and Menlo Security Client

The Menlo Browser Extension supports unmanaged devices and adds a self-service deployment option. The Menlo Security Client enables cloud-based access to legacy applications, going beyond web applications for users that need support for SSH and RDP.  

Menlo Security Last-Mile Data Protection

Menlo Security Last-Mile Data Protection goes beyond traditional DLP technology, applying protection in the cloud that extends copy-paste control, user-input limits, watermarking and data masking to the endpoint. Last-mile DLP protects against releasing unprotected information to the local browser endpoints and stops it from being leaked into web applications such as ChatGPT.

To learn more about how Menlo Security protects users against zero-hour phishing attacks and evasive ransomware droppers or to see how you can simplify zero-trust access, replace outdated VDI deployments, or enable hybrid workforces to adopt new tools, such as GenAI services, visit

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