Uncover the highly evasive adaptive threats (HEAT) causing ransomware attacks.

Eliminate evasive threats fueling ransomware.

man standing with laptop and with flames coming out of laptop screen

Ransomware attacks are being fueled by Highly Evasive Adaptive Threats (HEAT). Learn how HEAT attacks are evading existing security defenses, and how to prevent them.

man standing with laptop and with flames coming out of laptop screen

Our SWG is Military Grade.

Proven in the most demanding organizations. Eliminate threats from the web, documents, and email via our one-of-a-kind, isolation powered Secure Web Gateway (SWG)—proven to scale to millions of users and improve cost of operations.

Why are we obsessed with securing work?

  • Users are completely protected from phishing, malicious content and online threats.

  • Productivity is boosted. User can work safely and confidently, from anywhere, without interruption.

  • Security ops teams are freed from unrelenting alert storms-and free to focus on other priorities.


Security breaches from email and web


reduction in SecOps alerts


zero-day internet threats


of sessions a month supported by the Menlo platform

Ready to work without worry?

Our customers trust our Zero Trust approach.

At Menlo Security, we set out to solve the biggest security challenges for leading organizations around the globe.

My job is to add the word ‘safely’ to the end of everything the business wants to do.

CISO of a top 5 global banking group
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Rewriting technologies are security of the future.

$3B to $10B firm from Finance industry
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Safest software to keep your data protected.

$500M – $1B USD firm from Service industry
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We help companies everywhere work safely.

Dive deeper into all things security.

Make the secure way to work the only way to work.

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