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Security is changing and so are we.

Cloud migration and new cyberthreats demand a new approach.

Menlo is protecting the most demanding organizations from Malware

World’s Only Cloud Proxy Platform with an Isolation Core™

Unsatisfied with the limitations of the status quo, we invented isolation to deliver security with zero compromise.  It is a fundamentally different approach to security that is built in the cloud for the cloud.


Secure Your Digital Transformation

Shift to a cloud-first security architecture


Eliminate Malware 100%

Completely eradicate malware and phishing for good

Rapid O365

Accelerate O365

Improve user experience

Realize the Transformational Promises of the Cloud



Transcend  “Almost” Secure

Reject today’s paradigm of almost secure and completely protect yourself from both known and unknown threats.  Go from trying to outsmart the bad actors and hoping you are protected to simply knowing bad actors cannot get in.



Accelerate SaaS Performance

Operate SaaS apps, such as Office 365 and G Suite, at full speed with direct-to-Internet connectivity. Safely open links and attachments without the fear of infection. Our cloud proxy-enabled Isolation Core™ lets you embrace the cloud without compromising on security.


Data Visibility

Gain Complete Data Visibility and Policy Control

Transform the cloud into your security control point to provide full visibility of applications and data. Menlo Security’s solutions help you enforce policies and controls globally across all users and devices with full SSL inspection inline.



Isolation Core™ Makes this Possible

Our security cloud is built on the first and only Isolation Core to deliver secure cloud transformation without compromise. We have elevated isolation to be the core of the platform to separate the enterprise network from the public web while providing seamless Internet access.



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Menlo Security Product Suites



Global Cloud Proxy

Cloud-based Proxy for SD-WAN and network transformation

Secure Internet

First and only security cloud built on an Isolation Core™

Secure Office 365

Direct to Internet connections to Office 365 with unsurpassed security

Secure G Suite

Local Internet Breakout for Secure G Suite


Cloud DLP

Global visibility and control for every user and device

Cloud App Isolation

Management control, visibility, and data loss prevention for cloud apps

“Menlo Security holds the promise to eliminate the risk from targeted phishing attacks, especially those that attempt to steal user credentials.”

Gene Casady, Manager, Threat Monitoring & Response Center

“Cybersecurity is a top priority for us. This investment is an example of how we will continue to dedicate time and resources to the challenge.”

Tim Dawson, Head of Cyber Technology

Menlo allows you to provide the value of the Internet to users in a safe manner, and it’s the only technology, as far as I’m concerned, that does that.

Vance Jones, CISO, Bank of Hawaii

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Nothing gets in. Let us prove it.

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