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Support is available worldwide, 24/7. email us at:

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Support portal

No matter where you’re located, our global network of support specialists are ready to help you with any of our products and solutions.

Training Program

We offer a comprehensive training program for customers, designed to equip them with skills to maximize the use of our products and solutions.

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Self-service resources

At Menlo, we are here to support you. Our ever-increasing Knowledge Base provides yet another way to place valuable information at your fingertips, and assists in answering your questions.

Please feel free to view, search, and access the content here.

Need technical support?

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Report a vulnerability.

You can report potential security issues by sending an email to our security team at We strongly encourage you to utilize the provided Public PGP key for encryption purposes. We request that you include the following information with your submission:

  1. The full URL
  2. Steps you took
  3. Evidence / Proof of Concept / how to reproduce (include video or screenshots if possible)
  4. Risk or exploitability

We appreciate the offer of a solution to the issue you encountered, but it is not required. When we receive your email, we will send an automatic email as acknowledgment. We will respond with additional emails only if we need further information to help investigate the issue. For the protection of our customers, Menlo Security will not disclose, discuss, or confirm security issues.

Prevent zero-hour phishing threats

Phishing attacks continue to target the least protected attack surface in your enterprise today - the web browser. Menlo Security’s HEAT portfolio dynamically prevents these attacks in real time and provides insight into highly evasive attacks targeting your end users.

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We are here to help.

Support is available worldwide, 24/7.

email us at:

Security that prevents, not reacts.

Every day, malware stops work and security teams respond to those threats. We change the playing field with an approach that eliminates threats completely.

My job is to add the word 'safely' to the end of everything the business wants to do.

CISO of a top 5 global banking group
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Safest software to keep your data protected.

$500M - $1B USD firm from Service industry
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Rewriting technologies are security of the future.

$3B to $10B firm from Finance industry
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Critical part of our defense in depth strategy.

CIO from Government sector
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