Zero Trust in the Context of Browser Security - July 16th
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Secure your digital transformation on any browser and every device.

Wherever your teams work, Menlo Security transforms any browser into a secure enterprise browser. Menlo Security protects your users and secures access to applications, delivering real-time phishing and malware protection while providing a frictionless user experience.

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Cloud first.
Security first. 

Traditional signature-based tools and out-of-band detection approaches fail to keep pace with increasingly sophisticated attacks, including Highly Evasive and Adaptive Threat (HEAT) attacks. With Menlo, you can deploy browser security policies in a single click, secure SaaS and private application access, and protect enterprise data down to the last mile. The Menlo Secure Enterprise Browser solution frees your business infrastructure from browser-based threats and allows users to work without worry.

Companies use Menlo Security to:

  • Protect users from zero-hour phishing and evasive ransomware that evade commonly deployed security tools.
  • Replace costly VDI solutions with a streamlined approach.
  • Provide zero trust access to private and SaaS applications for contractors and BYOD users.
  • Enable generative AI adoption for enterprises while protecting sensitive data.

By the numbers


breaches from
email and web


reduction in
SecOps alerts




of sessions a month supported by the Menlo platform

Our customers believe in our approach to targeting evasive threats.

We’re solving the biggest security challenges for the largest companies in the world, and we’re doing it against a threat landscape that’s changing on a daily basis.

My job is to add the word 'safely' to the end of everything the business wants to do.

CISO of a top 5 global banking group
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Safest software to keep your data protected.

$500M - $1B USD firm from Service industry
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Rewriting technologies are security of the future.

$3B to $10B firm from Finance industry
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Critical part of our defense in depth strategy.

CIO from Government sector
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