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Stop data exfiltration with Cloud DLP


Introducing cloud-based data loss prevention with Menlo Security

Sensitive data leaving a company via the web is a major concern for many networks. Bad actors perpetrate 69 percent of external data breach attacks and represent the largest threat to organizations that are not using cloud isolation. For our customers, however, we prevent these attacks.

Because external actors frequently rely on phishing and malware insertion, Menlo Security customers are largely protected through our browser and email isolation. The remaining threat vector then moves to the company’s own employees.

In fact, 34 percent of breaches originate from internal actors. Whether by mistake (21 percent of breaches) or credential misuse (15 percent of breaches), employee mishandling of data is a significant problem that can result in lawsuits, remediation costs, and loss of customer confidence.With the average cost of $150 per record to repair the damage, losing a million records contained in just a single spreadsheet file could prove disastrous to the business.

Stop data leaks from across the WAN

Menlo Security provides data loss prevention (DLP) for every device in the WAN connecting to the Internet. When our service observes restricted data in transit to the web, we stop the upload and report the incident to the network administrator.

For users attempting to send sensitive password-protected data, our dashboard can require users to unlock the file for inspection before sending it out to the web.

The key to our success: We are able to place tight controls on data uploads because our Isolation Core™ owns the channel between the device and the web. Our implementation gives us the ability to reliably identify data as it is leaving the network.The result is greater data security for your organization.

Cloud DLP can be added to all products based on our Isolation Core™, including Secure Internet, Secure Office 365, and Secure G Suite.To learn more about how Menlo Security can help you with data security, download our Cloud DLP data sheet or contact our sales team.

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