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Select the right strategy for securing web access


Gartner: Deploy a Remote Browser Isolation Solution in Combination with Other Security Architecture Options for a Higher Level of Security.

The way users access the web is changing. No longer are they mainly accessing on-premises business systems and occasionally logging on to the Internet from their desks behind a robust corporate firewall that monitors every packet that flows in and out of the organization.

People today are mobile and flexible in their use of the Internet, and conduct most of their day-to-day responsibilities on the web through media-rich websites, web and mobile apps, and Software-as-a-Service platforms in the cloud. They log on through unsecure connections from home, the coffee shop, customer sites, and other public Wi-Fi networks. Given this shift, it no longer makes sense to funnel web traffic through a traditional secure web gateway (SWG), because increased traffic and mobility issues slow down performance and degrade the web browsing experience.

This new way of working requires a new way of securing web access. New SWG architectures such as full proxy, DNS redirection, and remote browser isolation solutions have emerged recently, but they are causing confusion in the market—especially around efficiency and cost.

Finding the right architecture Option for securing web access

While these new architecture options all purport to efficiently secure web access, they use vastly different methods of doing so and may include redundant features and protection with your existing security stack. With the pressure to do more with less, streamline operations, and optimize infrastructure decisions, you shouldn’t pay for security services and coverage that you already possess.

But what solution is right for you? As with any infrastructure decision, organizations need to align their security posture and needs with the ideal SWG solution.

A new Gartner report, Select the Right Strategy for Securing Web Access, outlines seven major security goals for SWG solutions and explains how the three SWG architecture options stack up against those goals. Interestingly, Gartner recommends a layered approach that combines remote browser isolation solutions, such as the Menlo Security Internet Isolation Cloud, with existing solutions or other approaches to provide a higher level of security.

“Remote browser isolation may not meet all requirements for high and medium security posture companies, but when combined with other approaches, it can provide a higher level of security. . . . For low security posture companies, remote browser isolation is a good alternative for companies looking for a simple way to protect all users from malicious content.”

The Menlo Security Cloud Security Platform Powered by Isolation is the ideal solution for securing web access

It’s clear that whatever your security requirements, a remote browser isolation solution such as the Menlo Security Internet Isolation Cloud is the most efficient way to secure web access for users. Isolating all web content in a remote browser in the cloud allows you to implement a Zero Trust Internet approach to cybersecurity and provide 100 percent malware-free email and web browsing for users. Our solution easily integrates with existing security stacks as well as other web access security solutions, providing efficient and robust protection against all Internet-based threats. As an added bonus, Menlo is delivered through a global elastic cloud that allows you to scale web access security wherever business takes your users.

But don’t just take our word for it. Download the Gartner report here and contact Menlo to get started on implementing a new way to guarantee secure web access for your users.

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