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Menlo Security stands behind its security—announces $1 Million Malware Protection Warranty


Today we announced security without compromise. Menlo Security is offering a warranty of up to $1 million to any customer that experiences an infection from malware that passes through our Isolation Core™. This warranty is the first of its kind from a cloud proxy company, a category that includes some very large, public companies who have thousands of customers.

Why doesn’t every vendor back up their security with a material warranty?

We believe it’s because they know that their security is just “almost safe.” We believe our security is 100%, and we’re backing it up with the only cloud proxy malware protection warranty available. For too long, the security vendors have peddled the misleading argument that “almost safe” is good enough. This is simply unacceptable to us, and it masks an underlying problem in the industry—that most vendors can at best protect their customers “most of the time.”

We’ve been conditioned to believe that the best strategy is to accept that breaches will happen, and we need to focus on mitigating the damage from these inevitable security failures. This stops today.

Menlo Security provides 100 percent malware-free protection. It doesn’t matter where users log in from—whether it’s a remote office, a customer site, or public Wi-Fi. Users who access the Internet through our Global Cloud Proxy Platform built on an Isolation Core™ are completely safe and don’t need to worry about any malware ever reaching their device from any site on the Internet. Our Isolation Core™ separates users from the public web while providing employees with secure, low-latency connections to the Internet and SaaS applications. It’s 100 percent effective because nothing bad ever gets in.

Most importantly, Menlo Security does this without impacting the user’s experience. Users access the Internet and interact with web apps and SaaS applications exactly how they always have. The solution is simple because users do not have to change the way they work, and there’s no trade-off between security and user experience. There’s just a native user experience that looks, acts, and feels like the real Internet—because it is the real Internet, only safer.

As companies embrace the cloud and adopt SaaS applications, they must transform their security to ensure that they are able to maintain the same security and policies.Other vendors have trained companies to believe that 100 percent security is unachievable. Menlo Security has taken a fundamentally different approach and proven them wrong by delivering security without compromise.

Contact Menlo Security today to learn more about our $1 million malware protection warranty.

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