Malware Protection

Shield Your Users from Advanced Malware Threats
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Menlo Isolation eliminates all advanced malware threats on the Internet by isolating all web traffic in our secure browsers. Our Adaptive Clientless Rendering (ACR) technology automatically and safely mirrors the content to your end users’ web browsers. You can customize policies for web traffic or user risk levels, but there's nothing to install or manage. And your users’ experience is the same—only 100% safe.

Zero Web-Based Malware, 100% of the Time

Menlo isolates all web traffic—good and bad—to make it impossible for malware to get on your users’ devices, even if they visit malicious websites. Dynamic content, URL links, and other advanced malware threats inside emails are isolated. Original document downloads are also prohibited, and command and control communications are blocked.

Secure Access to Uncategorized and Risky Websites

You don’t have to choose between blocking all uncategorized websites or giving unrestricted access. Menlo isolates all web traffic—including uncategorized and risky websites—in our secure web browsers before safely rendering the content in your users’ browsers. Users are able to visit any URL without the risk of infecting their devices or your network by downloading web malware.

Secure Access to Uncategorized and Risky Websites
Additional Protection for Privileged Users

When it comes to your mission-critical information, you can never be too careful. C-level, IT, Finance, and HR executives have access to highly sensitive information and business systems. Menlo allows you to customize higher levels of security—including additional isolation policies—for extra protection from advanced malware threats.

Extra Malware Protection for High-Risk Users
Virtual Air-Gap Protection for Critical Systems

Menlo’s approach to security is a virtual air gap that isolates users' devices from web malware. Our functionality is customizable for additional protection of critical systems, infrastructure, or environments. And our unique architecture ensures that no malware or other malicious content can infect your users’ devices or your network.

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Enable Personal Webmail

Personal webmail poses an unnecessary risk to your organization. Rather than cut off access and annoy users, Menlo isolates all web traffic—including any link that may have been clicked from a personal email account—in our pool of secure web browsers. Menlo derisks personal webmail and ensures it is not used as a conduit for advanced malware threats.

Nothing gets in. Let us prove it.

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