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Ransomware: Looking beyond endpoint protection

Saying ‘no’ to the cyber status quo

Menlo Security Celebrates Winners of First Annual APAC Partner of the Year Awards

Credential Phishing: Themes and Tactics

Embracing what makes us different.

No White Flags—the Value of Cyber Innovation at Speed and Scale

Hope Is Not a (Security) Strategy

The Mobile Isolation Era Begins

Join us (Virtually) at Security BSides Dublin on March 27

Encouraging Women While Celebrating International Women’s Day and National Women’s Month

It’s Time for Federal Agencies to Stop Malware for Good

Zero Trust: Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Protecting Mobile Users from Malware Threats with an Industry-First Secure Web Gateway (SWG) Powered by Isolation

Remote Browser Isolation—Creating a Patch Buffer

Why I Joined Menlo Security

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Building resilience for Government and Defence organisations in 2021

Trickbot—New Year | Old Lure

Isolate and liberate

Increase In Attack: SocGholish

2021 Cybersecurity Threat Landscape

Frost & Sullivan Names Menlo Security a Growth and Innovation Leader in the APAC Web Security Market

Menlo Security Named a Visionary in Gartner’s MQ for Secure Web Gateways Three Years in a Row

Security vs. User Experience (87% Say User Experience Is What Counts)

Zero Trust for Federal Agencies

Chrome Gets Patched Again—But 83% of Users Aren’t Running the Latest Version

Combat Alert Fatigue

Solving FinTech’s Top 4 Security Anxieties

Advancing Security Leadership with $100M in Additional Funding

Honorably Serving Our Veterans Wherever the Mission Goes

Protect Your Employees from Business Email Compromise Attacks

Update on DoD’s Cloud-Based Internet Isolation

Connectivity Counts: Why Smaller FSIs Worry about Secure, Remote Access

Safeguarding Our Health Information in a Global Pandemic

Financial Institutions Care about Fast Deployments

New Gartner Report Sheds Light on Digital Transformation Strategies in a Postpandemic World

It’s Time to Address the Growing Cybersecurity Skills Gap

Shifting Security to the Cloud

Five Cloud Security Considerations for CISOs

Menlo Threat Labs Uncovers a Phishing Attack Using Captchas

Phishing Attacks Are Scarily Easy to Build

U.S. Department of Defense Leads the Industry with Cloud-Based Internet Isolation Program

How Should Zero Trust Apply to Phishing?

How Isolation Changes Incident Response

New HTML Smuggling Attack Alert: Duri

The URL “Danger Zone”

Menlo Security Prevents Zero-Day Threat on Internet Explorer

Providing 100 Percent Malware-free Email and Web Browsing

Ensure DLP Protection and Visibility for Remote Workers

Open Access to the Internet with Protection

Menlo Security Helps Organizations Build a Cybersecurity Strategy Based on ASD’s Essential Eight Recommendations

Security and Visibility When Users Are Not in the Office

Mitigating Threats Associated with Downloading Files in Native File Format

Fast User Access to SaaS for Users on Home Wi-Fi

Securing the New Normal: Future of Work

Equation Editor—Attackers continue to exploit CVE-2017-1182….

Menlo Security Thwarts Covid-19–Related Phishing Attacks

Menlo Security and VMware Partner to Secure Workers @ Home

Introducing Cloud App Isolation

It’s Isolation, Tim, but Not As We Know It!

Global Cloud Proxies Are Essential to the Future of Remote Work Says Gartner

Time to Rethink How You Provide Secure Internet Access for Remote Workers

Is COVID-19 Going to Accelerate the Future of Work?

SaaS Adoption Eliminates Visibility Into and Control Over Users’ Web Browsing Behavior

Social Distancing and Isolation—A Good Idea for You and Your Browser

The Critical Role of SSL Inspection to Avoid Secure Malware Delivery

Mobility and Cloud Adoption Conspire to Explode Security Appliance Costs

Sophisticated COVID-19–Based Phishing Attacks Leverage PDF Attachments and SaaS to Bypass Defenses

2020 Will Be the Year That SaaS Breaks Enterprise Security

Ensuring Your Employees Are Safe, Secure, and Productive During the COVID-19 Crisis

Supporting Business Continuity During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Provide Secure Access for Everyone

Travel Restrictions and Work-From-Home Policies Do Not Have to Put Your Organization at Risk

Secure O365 and Secure G Suite for Your Enterprise

Stop Data Exfiltration with Cloud DLP

Menlo Security Moves to Larger Headquarters to Accommodate Growth!

Menlo Security Stands behind Its security—Announces $1 Million Malware Protection Warranty

Emotet attacks— a spike to start the year...

IE and FIREFOX-Patching nightmare begins in 2020...

Menlo Security Protects Organizations from Iranian Retaliation

Gartner Report on Remote Browser Isolation: Menlo Security’s Continued Validation

Financial Services Get Hooked, Experience 147% Increase in Phishing Clicks

How to Mitigate Phishing Threats inYour Organization

Why Outsmart Cyber Attackers When You Can Remove Them Entirely?

Browsers Protected by Menlo Security will now Prioritize the Active Browser Window and Deprioritize the Inactive Ones

Evaluating Internet Isolation Clouds: Must-Have Features

Isolation protects you from threats that haven’t even been discovered

Preparing for the New Regulatory Environment

Hiding in Plain Sight: New Adwind jRAT Variant Uses Normal Java Commands to Mask its Behavior

Broadcom + Symantec: Great for Wall Street, Not for Security

Internet Isolation: Exploring Security Use Cases

Select the Right Strategy for Securing Web Access

Reimagining Cloud Access

Menlo's Cloud Security Platform protects users from cryptomining attack

Why ANY Web Browser Is Still Not Safe

Digging Deeper Into Isolation

Internet Isolation Cloud: Introducing a New Paradigm

Why a Cloud Transformation Must Include Multi-Tenant Isolation

Understanding How the Internet Has Changed

Getting to Know Today’s Threats

Cat and Mouse: Understanding the Security Industry’s Failure to Stop Cyberattackers

Can’t Trust Anyone

How Isolation Mitigates The Zoom Vulnerability

Attackers Are Thinking About Phishing Differently, So Should You

Menlo Security Secures $75 Million Funding Round to Deliver Zero Trust Internet

Even Dropbox and Box aren't Safe

How Isolation Could Prevent the Next WannaCry

Why Insurance Providers Need to Adopt Zero Trust Internet

DISA Cloud Based Internet Isolation (CBII) awarded to the By Light Professional IT Services LLC and Menlo Security Team

Where Detection and Prevention Fail, Isolation Succeeds

Only 4% of users click on phishing email links. Yet those 4% never learn..

Gartner Report on Remote Browser Isolation: A Year Later

Sandboxes Are Vulnerable but Not Obsolete. Can a Secure Web Gateway with Internet Isolation Save the Day?

Menlo’s Isolation Platform Stops YET Another Browser Exploit In Its Tracks

Emotet: A Small Change in Tactics Leads to a Spike in Attacks

Christmas, a time for giving…and patching? Really?

A "JAR" Full of Problems for Financial Services Companies

Menlo’s Vision to Revolutionize Web Security

How Isolation Would Have Stopped The Russian Election Cyberattacks

Compromised Websites and Download Bomb Attacks

Isolation: really making it 'FIN' for FIN7

Don’t Be a Wildebeest

Love and malware

 A New Approach to End Typosquatting

Isolating Meltdown & Spectre

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Consider Isolation

Lights, Camera, Cyber Attack!

Cyber Monday: Going Phishing?

For Feds, DMARC is a Start, But More is Needed

The SWIFT Security Controls Framework and Isolation

Oh, JavaScript – You Devil!

You Are a Bad Rabbit!

Mission Impossible 17 – Spear Phishing

Isolate ALL: Unlocking Isolation's Full Potential

Stopping Phishing Is One Thing; Stopping What It Delivers Is Another

Financial Phishing for Funds and (Customer) Facts

Why Financial Institutions Are Phishing’s “Big Catch”

Exposing Houdini

Stop Phishing With Technology AND Training

The Web Browser Risk Landscape

Phishing: It’s Not About Stupidity, It’s About Sophistication

Massive Cyber Attack Threatens End Users, Again

Ransomware: Let’s End It

Gartner Cool Vendor Report Names Menlo Security and Describes Benefits of Browser Isolation

Manipulating Democracy by Spearphishing Candidates

Email Phishing and Web Malware: Still the Same

Is Your Web Viewing Dangerous? Over 350k Web Sites Run Vulnerable Software

Phishing & Whaling at FS-ISAC

The (Human) Face of Ransomware

WCry: Reviewing the Info (So Far)

It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over

WCry Ransomware: The End of the World as We Know It?

Don’t Let Phishing Ruin Your Trip

Ransomware in Healthcare…Still?

Increasingly Clever Phishing Attacks like OAuth Are The New Normal

Detecting the Undetectable - The Punycode Homograph Attack

Isolate the Unstoppable - Spear-Phish

State of Cyber Security in the Middle East

Going Phishing During Tax Season

10 Tips to Avoid Malware Threats & Mitigate Attacks

RSA 2017 is a Wrap – Were Credential Theft and Phishing on Your Radar?

Addressing the Australian Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Bill

Menlo Security Rings in 2017 with Channel Partner Program

Looking Back at an Incredible 2016

Malware & Credential Theft are the Problems, not Russia

Browsing the Web is a Leap into the Unknown

Yes Muni, You Can Limit Ransomware Attacks

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Consider Isolation!

Protecting Asian Business from Cyberattack – Isolate Risky Content

The Bitcoin Rush: This Isn't 1848

The Patient Zero Myth

Phishing & Ransomware at Singapore GovWare

Mass Downloads of Documents Still Include Malware

Reducing Risk by Eliminating the Phish

Credit Unions Choose Isolation to Prevent Extortion through Ransomware

Business Benefit of Isolation

First U.S. Patent on Cloud Isolation - A Milestone for Menlo Security

Black Hat 2016: An Overload of Senses from Culinary Excess to a Tsunami of Cyber Events

Freedom, Exploration and Menlo Security

The Productivity vs. Risk Trade-Off in Enterprise Security

Add One of Gartner's Top Technologies to Your Check Point Environment

Channel Expansion in Americas

My Browser is so 1995!

A Winning Idea for Malware Prevention

Fury Road: State of Cybersecurity Down Under

Menlo Security Collaborates with Fujitsu on Global Managed Security Service

On The Road At Check Point Experience In Chicago!

Security That's Imperceptible - Gartner's Take on Choosing the Right Isolation Provider

MIT Sloan CIO Symposium: Security Sights and Sounds

FS-ISAC Miami: When saying no is a no-go

Menlo Security Selected as Finalist for MIT Sloan CIO Symposium Innovation Showcase

Check Point Experience 2016 @ Nice

Adding Isolation to Your Check Point Infrastructure

Ransomware & Malvertising - The troublesome twins of the web!

Don't Forget About Prevention: Gartner's Views on Security Strategy

March Madness, With Or Without The Malware?

Top 50 UK Website Security Report

Spooky Times: When Security Predictions Come True

Gatekeeper, Gatekeeper, Make Me a Malware

Guruincsite Malware Takes Over 1000's of Magento Sites

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