Zero Trust Private Access
Powered by an Isolation Core™

Protecting the Good Application from Rogue Users

Empower the New Normal

Shield internal web applications from untrusted users and end points without impacting performance. Zero Trust Private Access (ZTPA) from Menlo Security provides fast, seamless access to any internal application without relying on legacy VPN services that allow open access to internal resources.

Network Architecture Is Broken

The traditional hub and spoke model is overwhelmed in the New Normal. Legacy VPN services are extremely vulnerable to hackers because they run over the public internet, effectively exposing traffic to enterprising threat actors who can use phishing, drive by and zero day attacks to steal credentials and gain access to users’ devices. Once compromised, these authenticated devices allow threat actors to move laterally across the network, infecting other systems and devices along the way.



Traditional Hub and Spoke Model Results:


Security Risk

VPNs run over the public internet where they are exposed to sophisticated attacks.


Network Complexity

Backhauling all traffic to a central data center requires expensive hardware and bandwidth.


Reduced Productivity

Increased latency and network bottlenecks slow performance to a crawl and impact application availability.

Menlo Security Enables a Zero Trust Approach
for Internal Web Applications

Remove internal applications and services from direct visibility on the public internet by granting access through Menlo Security Cloud Secure Web Gateway.


Reduce IT Overhead

Delivering security through the cloud allows organizations to provide a local internet breakout for every user at scale—with no appliances, agents or VPN required.

Protect Internal Applications

Protecting applications from untrusted users and end points ensures that every user has fast, reliable application access regardless of location or underlying connection—enabling business continuity in the New Normal while preserving the native user experience.


Empower the New Workforce with Fast,
Reliable Internal Web Application Access


ZTPA from Menlo Security protects internal web applications from untrusted users and end points—allowing organizations to provide direct internet access for all traffic to remote users at cloud scale.


Rather than backhauling application traffic over the public Internet back to a central data center or allowing users to connect directly to the Internet without security visibility or controls, Menlo delivers ZTPA as agent-less solution through a private isolation layer in the cloud.


With Menlo Security Cloud Secure Web Gateway, web content is fetched and executed in the Menlo Security Global Cloud instead of on users’ browsers. Menlo Security efficiently delivers only safe and authorized content to end-user browsers, with no impact on application experience, which means no user is trusted with direct access to the internal application architecture.


This also gives security teams visibility into traffic and the ability to apply the appropriate security controls to all traffic regardless of physical location or the underlying connection. And we do this without relying on vulnerable VPN services that impact performance and add IT overhead. Remote users have the same application experience they expected from the office.

Key Benefits


Zero Trust Approach for Internal Web Applications

Highly-distributed and mobile users are able to access internal web applications without compromising performance with a global elastic edge.


Reduce IT Complexity and Overhead

A software-based approach to delivering a direct Internet breakout for each user, where ever the user is, eliminates the need to deploy expensive security appliances or expand bandwidth.


Enable Secure Application Access without Endpoint Agents

Security policies are delivered through a private isolation layer in the cloud with no endpoint agents required.


Shield Applications from Untrusted Users and Endpoints

Don't trust any entity, enforce read-only access for internal web applications—eliminating the possibility of a breach.

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