Cloud App Isolation

with Integrated CASB

What It Does

Cloud App Isolation provides management control, shadow IT visibility, and data loss prevention for cloud apps used within your company by integrating with CASB solutions such as Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS).

Key Features

  • Integrated CASB
    with MCAS

    Identify and manage shadow IT with deep MCAS integration

  • Access to Cloud Apps Through Browser Isolation

    Define policies to isolate, allow,
    or block cloud apps


    Data Loss Prevention
    for Cloud Apps

    100% cloud app data inspection through our Isolation CoreTM protects company data from accidental uploads or malicious exfiltration to the web

  • FOUR

    User/Group Policy Enforcement

    Apply cloud access policies on an individual or group basis

  • FIVE

    Analytics and Reporting

    Pinpoint frequent problem users of risky cloud apps with our SQL-like tool to quickly build insight reports

Our Cloud Application Solution



Cloud App Isolation
Advanced Control for Your CASB

Cloud App Isolation integrates with Microsoft Cloud App Security to provide management control, shadow IT visibility, and data loss prevention for cloud apps used within your company.


Our capability provides greater control and visibility over sanctioned and unsanctioned applications using cloud-based isolation.


Our solution enables administrators to control access to cloud applications with isolate, allow, and block policies that can be applied globally. Additionally, our Isolation Core provides data loss prevention to protect against accidental or malicious data loss.


Cloud App Isolation outperforms comparable non-isolated solutions, which are less reliable, provide fewer access options, and have less visibility into sensitive data leaving the company through cloud apps.

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Use Cases



Identify and Control Access for Shadow IT 

Easily understand application usage and allow access to cloud apps, securely, even if the traffic is encrypted.


Allow, Isolate, Isolate-read Only, or Block Unsanctioned Cloud Apps  

Isolate cloud applications in read-only mode to eliminate the threat of a data breach.


Prevent Data Loss Through Cloud Apps  

Save time and money by stopping data leaks before they happen. 

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