Personal Webmail Protection

Securely Access Personal Webmail at Will
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Menlo’s isolation approach enables safe, responsible use of personal webmail by selectively isolating all personal webmail traffic, including any link that may have been clicked from a personal email account, rendering all malware ineffective. Traditionally a weak link in your security strategy, personal webmail can now be accessed by users at will, and your organization will still be protected.

Malware and Ransomware Protection

Menlo’s isolation approach prevents attacks such as malware exploits, credential threats, and ransomware directed via personal webmail. We isolate any content at the end of a webmail clicked link in our isolated secure web browsers, before attacks can reach your users’ devices, and deliver safe mirrored content instead.

Consistent Webmail Experience

Menlo seamlessly integrates with the most common email platforms (Gmail, Exchange, Office 365) to give users quick, nimble access to their personal email. Users get the same look, feel, and functionality they expect—only 100% safe. There is no need for additional training. There are no productivity hits or user satisfaction issues.

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Credential Theft and Harvesting Prevention

With Menlo’s isolation approach, users access web pages in read-only mode, preventing them from inputting credentials into malicious web forms. Likewise, phishing websites trying to download credential theft malware are isolated in our isolated secure browsers, far from your users’ devices.

Safely Click Any Link

Menlo allows your users to click any link they want while ensuring that even if the link includes malware, your network is protected. With our isolation approach, all URL and document links in personal webmail are rewritten, fetched, and executed in our isolated web browsers, not your users’ devices.

Protection from Zero-Day and Emerging Attacks

Cyberattacks are simply too numerous, too sophisticated, too dynamic, and too “one-step ahead” to be detected every time. Menlo protects your organization from new and constantly changing attacks that traditional defenses don’t catch. We treat all content that comes through personal webmail as risky and isolate it.

Nothing gets in. Let us prove it.

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