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Web Isolation Technology to Deliver Perfect Security
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Traditional security solutions are reactive. First detect the threat. Then deal with it. But today’s threats are too sophisticated, too dynamic, too fast to get caught. Networks are often infected before alarm bells go off.


Menlo eliminates all web and email security risks through isolation—providing the first truly 100 percent safe browsing experience. The Menlo Security Isolation Platform works by moving the fetch and execute functions of web browsing away from your network to our cloud-based platform. Only sanitized, nonexecutable content is rendered safely in users’ devices—providing a safe yet seamless experience that is no different than before. Suspicious web forms—a common target for hackers—can be rendered in read-only mode, preventing anyone from entering their credentials by accident or on purpose.

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100% Safety via Isolation

Groundbreaking web browser isolation stops the never-ending search for risky content.

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Seamless End-User Experience

Our web isolation software safely empowers the digital workforce with a native user experience.

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Cloud Simplicity and Scale

Menlo reduces security complexity and increases scale by eliminating endpoint software and outdated appliances.

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The Menlo Web Isolation Platform is a cloud-native solution that combines a multi-tenant Global Elastic Cloud fabric, an always-on pool of secure web browsers, and patented Adaptive Clientless Rendering™ (ACR) technology to deliver the highest levels of protection against web-based threats, phishing and credential theft, weaponized documents, and malicious email attachments. Menlo's patented Adaptive Clientless Rendering™ (ACR) technology obviates the need for endpoint software or plug-ins while ensuring a transparent user experience to the user’s native browser. 


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Policy Configuration & Reporting

Keeps a detailed, comprehensive record of incoming attacks, creating a powerful analytical tool. Certified for use with leading SIEM solutions.


The platform can be used on its own, or can be integrated with leading technology solutions such as secure web gateways, secure email gateways, and next-gen firewalls to enhance a company's overall security posture.


Patented Adaptive Clientless Rendering™ is a breakthrough technology that mirrors the isolated browser onto the end-user’s browser. It is 100% secure and 10x more network resource efficient than video-streaming technologies.

Global Elastic Cloud

A true multi-tenant elastic service, our global enterprise cloud provides remote workers, remote offices, and traveling users with a consistent experience worldwide. The platform automatically scales to handle any load, and provides operational management for service providers and large enterprises.

Key Platform Technology Highlights

Adaptive Clientless Rendering (ACR)

Menlo mirrors isolated content in your users’ browsers without impacting performance, providing a seamless and expected browsing experience.

Global Elastic Cloud

Our eight data centers around the world in nearly every region ensure performance and scalability for everyone—no matter where you do business.

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“Menlo Security holds the promise to eliminate the risk from targeted phishing attacks, especially those that attempt to steal user credentials.”

Gene Casady, Manager, Threat Monitoring & Response Center

“Cybersecurity is a top priority for us. This investment is an example of how we will continue to dedicate time and resources to the challenge.”

Tim Dawson, Head of Cyber Technology

Menlo allows you to provide the value of the Internet to users in a safe manner, and it’s the only technology, as far as I’m concerned, that does that.

Vance Jones, CISO, Bank of Hawaii