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Reimagining Cloud Access

Posted by Mehul Patel on Oct 9, 2019

Let’s face it. Everything we do today is on the Internet. We communicate through webmail. We collaborate through project management platforms. We share documents in shared storage accounts. We keep track of customers, keep an eye on inventory, and monitor fleets of trucks—all on the Internet.

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Digging Deeper Into Isolation

Posted by Mehul Patel on Sep 25, 2019
  1. We get it. You’re a bit leery. One hundred percent protection from web- and email-based attacks? With no impact on user experience or web browsing performance? No clients to install? No software to manage and update?

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Tags: Web Security, ZeroTrust, ZeroTrust Internet, Guide,, Internet Isolation

Internet Isolation Cloud: Introducing a New Paradigm

Posted by Mehul Patel on Sep 11, 2019

The fact that Albert Einstein never really said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result,” doesn’t mean it isn’t genius. Think about it. People do this all the time. They keep repeating their mistakes and are surprised when they get the same results.

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Why a Cloud Transformation Must Include Multi-Tenant Isolation

Posted by Mehul Patel on Aug 29, 2019

People are moving to the cloud. The cloud permeates our day-to-day life, influencing everything from our family vacation photos to our most sensitive credit card data. Modern businesses are increasingly experiencing the same trend—the shift to cloud-based applications and workloads is occurring at an unprecedented rate. According to Forbes, the cloud will host 83 percent of enterprise workloads by 2020, a 10 percent increase over 2018.

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Tags: Web Security, ZeroTrust, ZeroTrust Internet, Internet Isolation

Understanding How the Internet Has Changed

Posted by Mehul Patel on Aug 28, 2019

It’s not your father’s Internet anymore. Heck, it’s not even your older sister’s Internet anymore. The Internet of AOL, Internet Explorer, and static web pages is gone. In its place is a more interactive, fluid Internet made up of dynamic web apps and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms that have transformed the way we connect, inform, and work. It’s an exciting time to be a user, but it can be a nightmare for the IT team.

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Tags: Web Security, ZeroTrust, ZeroTrust Internet, Guide,, Internet Isolation

Cat and Mouse: Understanding the Security Industry’s Failure to Stop Cyberattackers

Posted by Mehul Patel on Aug 14, 2019

Have you ever watched a cat stalk its prey? First, it identifies a target and lies in wait, quietly, hidden from view, observing the behavior of its victim. Minutes can go by as it bides its time, just watching. The mouse or squirrel or bird continues to do its thing, seemingly oblivious to the fact that it’s being tracked.

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Can’t Trust Anyone

Posted by Evan Rittenhouse on Aug 13, 2019

It’s clear that traditional security architectures and philosophies don’t work anymore. In 2018, cybercrime generated $1.5 trillion in revenue for hackers, growing to $6 trillion by 2021. These statistics are even more alarming in light of the fact that organizations have more security tools in their stacks than ever before.

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How Isolation Mitigates The Zoom Vulnerability

Posted by Vinay Pidathala on Jul 10, 2019

If you have been following the news, you probably noticed that the Internet is abuzz about the latest vulnerability in Zoom. The attack was identified by Jonathan Leitschuh, a security researcher who has detailed the vulnerability and has provided a PoC to reproduce the attack in this blog post. I would highly recommend that everyone give it a read and take the necessary actions per your company policy.

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Attackers Are Thinking About Phishing Differently, So Should You

Posted by Mehul Patel on Jul 9, 2019

Every day new phishing campaigns are making the news. One is posing as legitimate emails from the Department of Homeland Security, the next pretends to be an alert from your email server that it has received an encrypted message for you, prompting you to log into a fake OneDrive site. Malicious actors know phishing campaigns are getting easier to identify. As a result, they continue to create new and more creative ideas to trick people. In fact, the 2019 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report stated that phishing was involved in one third of all cyber attacks across all industries. The reason that number is so high is because even though cyber defenses, in general, are also becoming stronger, phishing attacks prevail, affecting businesses small and large. Attackers can rely on the fact that phishing has proven to be effective.

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Menlo Security Secures $75 Million Funding Round to Deliver Zero Trust Internet

Posted by Amir Ben-Efraim on Jul 9, 2019

We are thrilled to announce we have secured $75 million in Series D funding led by JP Morgan Asset Management and other existing investors, including General Catalyst, Sutter Hill Ventures, Osage University Partners, American Express Ventures, HSBC, JP Morgan Chase and Engineering Capital. This round of funding comes almost two years after our Series C round of $40 million, bringing our total funding to approximately $160 million.

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