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The Mobile Isolation Era Begins

Posted by Gautam Altekar on Mar 22, 2021

Mobile Isolation from Menlo Security features Smart Document Object Model (DOM), a next-generation browser remoting technology designed to deliver a best-in-class browsing experience despite the unique challenges of the mobile environment and an ever expanding web platform.


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Tags: remote browser isolation, Zero-Day Attack, Mobile Isolation, Document Object Model, Mobile Browser, Smart DOM

Menlo Security Prevents Zero-Day Threat on Internet Explorer

Posted by James Locus on Aug 12, 2020

The Still-Active Zero-Day Exploit Threatens the Frequently Vulnerable JavaScript Engine

Customers of Menlo Security using Internet Explorer (IE) are protected against a recent and still-active zero-day exploit using Internet Explorer, as outlined by Microsoft’s security update CVE-2020-1380.

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Tags: malware, isolaton, Internet Isolation, Active-Threat, CVE-2020-1380, Zero-Day Attack, Internet Explorer, IE

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