Menlo Security Collaborates with Fujitsu on Global Managed Security Service

Posted by Peter Lunk on May 26, 2016

I am extremely pleased to report that we have entered into a partnership with Fujitsu, providing  an enhancement to their Global Managed Security Service. The Menlo Security Isolation Platform (MSIP) will be used to bolster the Risk Reduction capabilities of the managed service offering to automatically eliminate the risk of malware from Web, documents and email.

This partnership expands the market reach for the Menlo Security Isolation Platform (MSIP) as we make this breakthrough security solution available as a cloud software service to the Fujitsu GMSS installed base. 

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Security That's Imperceptible - Gartner's Take on Choosing the Right Isolation Provider

Posted by Peter Lunk on May 23, 2016

With Web and email continuing as primary malware vectors, companies are increasingly adopting isolation technology to contain and prevent risky content. However, Gartner points out that an isolation solution must deliver a high-quality end user experience to keep up with enterprise productivity needs.

This Menlo Security webinar, featuring Gartner, recommends you ensure your isolation technology solution provides a positive user experience, especially full fidelity and rich media support. If a solution reduces performance, your employees will find a way to work around your security measures, defeating your entire purpose of eliminating malware. 

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Don't Forget About Prevention: Gartner's Views on Security Strategy

Posted by Peter Lunk on Mar 30, 2016

With hundreds of security companies offering a diverse and innovative set of solutions, prioritizing your security efforts is getting harder all the time. Presenting the most important strategies in a visual model is even harder, and thankfully we can count on the folks at Gartner to put a lot of horsepower behind creating something simple yet compelling and actionable.

Where I find Gartner’s Adaptive Security Architecture to be especially relevant, in terms of handling today’s emerging digital enterprise behaviors, is that it brings threat prevention back to the forefront. The Gartner architecture takes the broad universe of possible security approaches and distills them down into four general categories: predictive, preventive, detection and response capabilities. To lower IT risk, their model describes a continuous response approach instead of an incident response method – developing comprehensive protection by integrating predictive, preventive, detection and response capabilities.

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Tags: malware, vulnerability, isolation, security, webinar, top-sites

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