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Menlo Security Rings in 2017 with Channel Partner Program

Posted by Doug Schultz on Jan 30, 2017
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Reducing Risk by Eliminating the Phish

Posted by Greg Maudsley on Oct 4, 2016

 Recently, I’ve been speaking with a lot of CISOs, security industry veterans, and analysts about risk.

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Business Benefit of Isolation

Posted by Jason Steer on Aug 23, 2016


Isolation is still the new kid on the block - in Europe we spend much of our time educating our customers and partners on what Isolation means, how Isolation works and how it mitigates the risk of web server & web browser vulnerabilities exploited by cyber criminals on a daily basis. It’s not just Menlo Security that is looking at the web in this way; Gartner themselves highlight the value of Isolation as part of the new Preventive capabilities customers can adopt.

One of the recurring questions from almost all the meetings I have had to date is what does Isolation mean in terms of business benefit? Every technology company I have worked for in my career has always focused on the technical benefits, architecture and how it solves the technical problem, but hasn’t talked enough to the business benefits. Without a clear link to business benefit, we have to connect Isolation to the overall Cyber Security strategy a CIO is working towards.

So briefly what are the business benefits of Isolation?

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First U.S. Patent on Cloud Isolation - A Milestone for Menlo Security

Posted by Peter Lunk on Aug 17, 2016

Changing the security market for the better is important work. A key milestone for Menlo Security was receiving our first technology patent for the development of important intellectual property in our breakthrough threat isolation solution. Initially filed in 2011, U.S. Patent No. 9,391,832 was issued for Adaptive Clientless Rendering (ACR) — a cornerstone capability in our isolation platform architecture. Making isolation easy to use and deploy is validation of our pioneering efforts and marks a proud moment for Menlo Security.   

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Black Hat 2016: An Overload of Senses from Culinary Excess to a Tsunami of Cyber Events

Posted by Lennart van den Ende on Aug 16, 2016

Las Vegas has a tendency to overload all of your senses. Similarly Black Hat, too, has the effect of inducing information overload on nearly every participant.

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Add One of Gartner's Top Technologies to Your Check Point Environment

Posted by Peter Lunk on Jun 22, 2016

You may have seen that Gartner has recently identified Remote Browsing/Isolation as one of its top 10 security technologies for 2016. With our previously announced partnership with Check Point, Menlo Security makes it simple to add this game-changing technology to an existing Check Point solution to eliminate malware and risky Web content. 

Why Add Isolation?

With one-fifth of the world’s top 1 million web sites known to be running outdated and vulnerable software, it’s inevitable that end users are at risk.

The Menlo Security Isolation Platform (MSIP) uses patent-pending Adaptive Clientless Rendering™ (ACR) technology to deliver a malware-free rendering of the user's isolated session to their native browser, providing a safe and transparent user experience.

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Podcast: Reality and Hype of Threats

Posted by Kowsik Guruswamy on Jun 4, 2015


I had great fun recording this interview on the Tailgating Security podcast with Alan Cohen, Chief Commercial Officer at Illumio. We talked about a range of topics on the reality and hype of threats. This included a history lesson from me and a spelling lesson from Alan. 
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