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Shifting Security to the Cloud

Posted by Mehul Patel on Oct 13, 2020

Build a Security Approach that Is Integrated, Simple, and Cloud Delivered

Last month I had the absolute pleasure of chatting with Kenny Yeo, a cybersecurity analyst from Frost and Sullivan and one of the leading security experts in the Asia Pacific region. Kenny and I locked horns during a conference recently, and we started sharing notes on how SaaS security has evolved. It turned into quite an interesting conversation, so I wanted to get his take on recent network and security shifts that are impacting companies.


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Tags: cybersecurity, security, web isolation, Cloud Adoption, cloud security, cloud-delivered security, digital transformation and security, Frost and Sullivan

SaaS Adoption Eliminates Visibility Into and Control Over Users’ Web Browsing Behavior

Posted by Mehul Patel on Apr 9, 2020

We’ve been talking a lot recently about how changing work habits will disrupt enterprise security in 2020. Workers are becoming increasingly mobile, and enterprises continue to move mission-critical systems to the cloud. The problem is that traditional security strategies are not able to keep up with the changing web traffic patterns and volumes caused by these workplace shifts. The result is a broken security stack  and increased costs .

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Tags: Remote, Mobility, Cloud Adoption, Secure Remote Worker, Working From Home

2020 Will Be the Year That SaaS Breaks Enterprise Security

Posted by Mehul Patel on Apr 1, 2020

There’s no doubt that the web is now the most important business tool for users. Critical systems such as ERP, CRM, collaboration and communication platforms, customer-facing apps, and other business tools that were once on-prem are moving to the cloud. Users can log on from anywhere and access all the information they need to conduct business on a daily basis.


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Tags: Remote, Mobility, Cloud Adoption, Secure Remote Worker, Working From Home

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