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My Browser is so 1995!

Posted by Jason Steer on Jun 13, 2016


Some of the fundamentals of the Web Browser, such as the DOM & Javascript, go back to 1995, 21 years ago. Many other tools & protocols such as Grep, Ping, SMTP & DNS go back even further. However from a user perspective the browser is probably the most used application on an internet enabled device today; making it a major risk for all users of the World Wide Web. Most successful cyber attacks via the web are the direct result of a design that made sense in 1995 but in 2016 is no longer practical. We have seen multiple documented attacks on many popular sites such as CNN, Forbes, The Economist, The Independent and BBC to name a few that have compromised visitors to their site via the use & abuse of Javascript. 

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Tags: malware, browser, ransomware, architecture

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