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Redefining browser security with Menlo Security’s AI-powered phishing and ransomware protection


Menlo Security, a real trailblazer in ​​​​browser ​security, unveiled its latest products, HEAT Shield​ and HEAT Visibility​, the world’s first capabilities designed to spot and shut down highly evasive threats targeting users via the web browser.

Everyone today uses the web browser for just about everything - whether for corporate or personal use. It has become the most widely used application across any device and a weak point for traditional security solutions, making it a prime target for threat actors. Using evasive techniques, threat actors are leveraging the browser to bypass commonly deployed security solutions and target users with modern day attacks such as ransomware and zero-hour phishing attacks.

To safeguard our users, Menlo Security has introduced its latest Marvel Superhero to help defend against browser-based attacks. Menlo Security’s HEAT Shield is the world’s first security solution designed to identify and block unknown and never before seen phishing attacks as well as other highly evasive threats before they can penetrate the enterprise network. By utilizing cutting-edge AI and machine learning technology, it can swiftly prevent phishing sites aimed at stealing user credentials in real-time.

Screenshot illustrating how HEAT Shield works

In parallel, Menlo Security HEAT Visibility continuously analyzes web traffic and employs AI/ML-powered classifiers to help surface and provide detailed threat intelligence around highly evasive attacks. This capability enables security teams to receive timely alerts, empowering them to significantly reduce their time to detect and respond to potential threats targeting enterprise users.

HEAT Shield and HEAT Visibility are built upon Menlo Security's cloud-based Isolation Core™, which monitors and analyzes over 400 billion web sessions annually. Traditional network and endpoint security solutions like Secure Web Gateways, firewalls, endpoint security, and EDR solutions are blind to specific browser behaviors and rely on existing signatures or pattern matching of known bad threats. HEAT Shield effectively leverages the Isolation Core™ to implement dynamic policy enforcement, safeguarding users from potential threats without impacting the end-user experience.

Customers can benefit from the HEAT Shield™ Dashboard, which provides a bird’s eye view of all attacks, including detailed threat intelligence of individual events that can be integrated into existing security tools, enhancing and accelerating incident response capabilities. Providing this level of visibility and control into evasive threats is critical as web browsers have become the new desktop where users spend the majority of their working day. Legacy security vendors struggle to protect users effectively, while Menlo Security's suite of threat prevention capabilities represents a substantial leap forward in creating a secure and seamless browsing experience.

Screenshots showing HEAT Attack dashboard

Menlo Security isolates more than 4 billion files annually and is a trusted partner for numerous security-conscious organizations worldwide. As threat actors continuously refine their techniques, Menlo Security's decade of experience in developing industry-leading browser security products has enabled the company to introduce the world’s first suite of threat prevention capabilities designed to dynamically block phishing, malware and ransomware attacks targeting your hybrid enterprise.

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