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Zero Trust Overview

Zero trust: good. Zero worry: better

By taking a Zero Trust mindset to security, online threats are prevented from ever reaching users. Resulting in zero worry for you.

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Perimeterless security for the everywhere workforce.

Organizations that take a Zero Trust approach to security understand that the traditional detect-and-remediate approach to cybersecurity is broken. Zero Trust mindsets assume that all content – regardless of whether it originates from a trusted source – is untrustworthy.

Why Zero Trust?

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Outsmarting threat actors

A Zero Trust security strategy begins with no access as the default. That means that no user, device or application – regardless of location or status – can access anything. This prevents threat actors from accessing endpoints and spreading through the network.

Assessing User Identities

Zero Trust security provides another level of security checks to ensure that the person, application or device is who or what they say they are. This includes other clues such as device information, physical location and, ultimately, behavior.

Improving the application experience

Modern applications are no longer monolithic stacks in a single data center. They’re now split up into thousands of microservices spread out across multiple cloud infrastructures. Zero Trust security enhances this experience.

Zero Trust Network Access

Zero malware. Zero worry. Zero barrier.

While it offers the utmost protection for organizations – eliminating the threat of malware – Zero Trust security also takes user productivity into account. A Zero Trust approach to security operates in the background, while workers can go full-speed ahead.

Rewriting technologies are security of the future.

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Safest software to keep your data protected.

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My job is to add the word ‘safely’ to the end of everything the business wants to do.

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It’s not found in a box. It’s a mindset.

Taking a Zero Trust approach to security means flipping the philosophy of trust on its head. In this case, trust must be earned by all people and devices, whether they’re internal or external.

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Zero Trust principles are founded on the notion of continuously authenticating entities at the perimeter and inside the network, ensuring that nothing gets through the cracks.

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Unmanaged Devices

Applying Zero Trust policies to unmanaged devices forces known and unknown entities to confirm their identity before and during connecting to systems – preventing threat actors from gaining access to networks.

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When it comes to securing identities, Zero Trust is more than multi-factor authentication. It’s another level of security checks to ensure the person, application or device is who or what they say they are.

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Traditional security policies authenticate entities once at the edge of the network and then give them access. This doesn’t work anymore. Zero Trust policies continuously authenticate entities at the perimeter and inside the network, ensuring that nothing gets through the cracks


breaches from email and web


reduction in SecOps alerts


zero-day threats


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