Global Elastic Cloud

A Highly Available, Reliable, Scalable, and High-Performance Secure Architecture
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Menlo Security’s Global Elastic Cloud provides a thoroughly modern architecture. Rather than let the platform’s performance be tied to a Service Level Agreement (SLA) from a public cloud provider’s best efforts, Menlo measures the platform’s reliability and uptime against those of Internet Service Providers (ISPs). With more than 20 ISO27001 and SOC2-certified data centers worldwide, Menlo achieves 99.995% global availability with transparent and automatic failover between data centers.

99.995% Global Availability

High availability is achieved through complete redundancy in every deployment region across multiple data centers and transparent in-region failover to the nearest deployment region. Menlo’s edge data centers extend availability to far-reaching regions, beyond Menlo's cloud service providers' operations. A stateless design delivers seamless session continuity for users traveling between service regions. Geo- and latency-based routing logic ensures that users are guaranteed to always access the best region based on their location. A dynamic session management model allows new updates to be rolled out to customers without any service interruption or downtime.

Scale Reliably

Customers can’t always predict traffic, especially during spikes and emergencies. Menlo’s Global Elastic Cloud was built from the ground up for unlimited elastic scalability. Menlo monitors crucial components of the architecture, automatically adding or subtracting resources as load dictates across redundant data centers. All clusters scale elastically, ensuring immediate and transparent failover between regional data centers with independent power and redundant connectivity.

Cloud Agnostic

Customers have the flexibility to choose Public or Private Cloud deployment options. Menlo's service is not bound to a single service delivery method. While Amazon Web Services is our most popular deployment option, we offer customers the ability to deploy our software on-prem as well as the ability to combine both options for hybrid deployments. All of these deployment models are capable of supporting dedicated static egress IPs.

No Interruption in Service

The Menlo Operations team leverages multiple redundant strategies to ensure global elastic cloud security 24x7. This ensures system resiliency even in the unlikely case that monitoring itself fails. Provisioning updates and new region deployments are completely automated, continuous, and transparent to our customers. Each new data center that Menlo deploys seamlessly integrates with our Global Elastic Cloud fabric to become an additional point of presence, adding to overall availability by increasing redundancy.

Security and Compliance

Menlo’s Global Elastic Cloud fabric is architected to run at the least possible privilege. Menlo leverages IAM extensively to limit the scope of privileges of each node. Periodic third-party white-box pentests ensure the security and integrity of the platform. Menlo observes all regional data laws and compliance requirements, including GPDR, and ensures that replication and redundancy measures are all within the required region.