Cloud Firewall
Powered by an Isolation Core™

Fast, Reliable and Secure Access to the Internet


Digital transformation in the New Normal means that employees can work anywhere, anytime from any device using new cloud applications and Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms. But the acceleration of remote work has forced organizations to focus on fast, reliable access over security. The reason? Traditional physical firewall appliances are ill suited for the New Normal.

Traditional Hardware-based Security Appliances Result in:


Network Complexity

Backhauling cloud app traffic to a central data center requires expensive hardware and bandwidth.


Reduced Productivity

Increased latency and network bottlenecks slow performance to a crawl and impact application availability.

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Lack of Mobility

Deploying a piece of hardware everywhere a user might log in is impractical, hindering mobility.

Cloud Firewall from Menlo Security Ensures Fast, Reliable and Secure Access to Cloud Applications

Cloud Firewall brings next-gen firewall controls and advanced security services to all users in all locations for all ports and protocols.


Reduce IT Overhead

Delivering security through the cloud allows organizations to provide a local internet breakout for every user at scale—with no firewall appliances, agents or VPN required.

Security without Compromise

Securing local internet breakouts for every user at scale ensures fast, reliable application access regardless of location or underlying connection—enabling business continuity in the New Normal while preserving the native user experience.


Empower the New Workforce with Fast, Reliable Cloud Application Access


Cloud Firewall from Menlo Security takes a software-based approach to delivering security services to distributed and mobile users through the cloud—eliminating the need to backhaul cloud app and SaaS traffic to a central data center. This allows organizations to provide secure local internet breakouts to remote users at cloud scale.


These flexible, mobile cloud-delivered local Internet breakouts allow users to connect directly to powerful cloud apps—such as Microsoft 365—with all the same security visibility and controls that protect the data center. With Menlo Security Isolation CoreTM, cloud app and SaaS content are fetched and executed in the Menlo Security Global Cloud instead of on users’ browsers. Menlo Security solutions efficiently deliver only safe and authorized content to end-user browsers, with no impact on application experience.


This also gives security teams visibility into traffic and the ability to apply the appropriate security controls to all traffic regardless of physical location or the underlying connection. And we do this without relying on vulnerable VPN services or physical security appliances that impact performance and add IT overhead. Remote users have the same application experience they expected from the office.


Key Benefits


Zero Trust Approach

  • Highly-distributed and mobile users are able to securely access cloud applications and SaaS platforms without compromising performance.


Hardened Security for Remote, Mobile Users

Security services—such as AUP, AV and advanced threat detection—are delivered through a private isolation layer in the cloud and move with users wherever they do business.


Reduce IT Complexity and Overhead

A software-based approach to delivering a local Internet breakout for each user eliminates the need to deploy expensive security appliances or expand bandwidth.


Visibility and Control into Internet Traffic

Security teams gain the real-time visibility and control they need to reduce security risk, troubleshoot issues and perform post-event analysis

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