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Acceptable Use Policy

Harden Your Web Use Policies
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Users aren’t security experts—nor should you train them to be. They have other priorities—tasks and responsibilities that shouldn’t be hampered by second-guessing or overly cautious behavior. While the Menlo Security Isolation Platform makes blocking web content for security reasons obsolete, companies still need to adhere to rules and regulations pertaining to inappropriate or offensive content. Menlo gives you the ability to set acceptable use policies to block this type of content—including uncategorized websites, typosquatting, and other unknown threats.

Policy Enforcement

Today’s sophisticated threats evolve day to day. Our platform scans billions of IP addresses and URLs across millions of domains, as well as millions of mobile apps. This allows you to set web use policies on demand to meet these changing needs and make sure your organization is completely protected in real time—no matter how much or often things change. Internet usage policies can be set to allow privileged users to download original documents, while all other users receive read-only versions and are prevented from giving away credentials or other personally identifiable information.

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Custom Read-Only Mode

Administrators have the flexibility to set acceptable use policies to isolate or Isolate+Read-Only for uncategorized websites. When compared with legacy secure web gateways, Menlo’s isolate policy lets administrators confidently allow access without increasing malware risk. Isolate+Read-Only provides an additional security layer by preventing users from entering their credentials into suspicious web forms, extending protection from phishing, social media attacks, credential theft, or other advanced web malware threats. This allows our customers to proactively protect their users against web exploits from uncategorized websites.

Learn More About Real-Time Risk Rating
Real-Time Risk Rating

There is no need to spend resources tracking the latest global threat matrix or probing your network for abnormal behavior. We don’t need website ratings to make a determination either way. We treat all content consistently as if it all has the potential to take down your network. Our risk scoring capabilities deconstruct each file into its components and assess the risk of each part—looking for macros, embedded objects, and URLs referring to external content. The file rating is then used to set acceptable use policies that control access to the original file download.

See How Menlo Converts All Active Content to HTML5
Isolate Dangerous Content

Dynamic content continues to be a hotbed for advanced malware threats hidden in plain sight. Other security solutions try to comb through all web traffic looking for a needle in a haystack—a task made harder by the changing nature of today’s increasingly sophisticated, constantly evolving threats. Menlo simply converts all dynamic content to HTML5 and renders only safe web content to your users’ browsers. Suspicious documents are rendered as safe PDFs with all dynamic content stripped out, while maintaining the same look and feel of the original documents.

Customer Support Portal

Our support portal is just another way we at Menlo wish to help you isolate the bad stuff.