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100% Visibility, Control and Safety of SaaS Applications



Empower Users with Safe Access to SaaS Platforms without Impacting the User Experience

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) from Menlo Security gives organizations deep visibility and control over SaaS traffic—including sensitive data protection and read-only access.

The Future of Work Introduces Risk

Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms allow today’s users to access critical business information and tools wherever business takes them. But while SaaS enables a highly distributed and mobile workforce, it also introduces risk. These applications often require a direct, persistent connection between the user and the platform—effectively cutting out the enterprise security team.



Direct SaaS Connections Result In:


Lack of Visibility and Control

Security teams are unable to monitor or apply security controls to SaaS traffic.


Reduced Productivity

Backhauling traffic to a central data center saps performance, making a traditional hub-and-spoke architecture impractical for SaaS traffic.


Increased Security Risk

Directly connecting to SaaS platforms exposes users to malicious threats that use SaaS as an attack vector.

CASB from Menlo Security Provides Safe Access to SaaS Platforms for Highly Distributed and Mobile Users

Menlo Security provides security teams with deep visibility and control of SaaS traffic—without impacting the native user experience


Enhanced Data Protection

Prevent users from downloading sensitive data and uploading that data to an unmanaged cloud app within enhanced visibility into data flows only seen in an isolated web session.

Reduce IT Overhead

Delivering security through the cloud allows organizations to provide a local Internet breakout for every user at scale—with no appliances, agents, API, or VPN required.


Read-only Access for SaaS

Control SaaS applications without being limited to the API throttling of SaaS applications. Apply the best protection available for accessing risky/unsanctioned applications with our read-only access.

Embrace the Future of Work with Fast, Reliable SaaS Access

CASB from Menlo Security takes an isolation based approach to monitoring and applying security controls to SaaS traffic—eliminating the need to backhaul SaaS traffic to a central data center. This allows organizations to provide secure local Internet breakouts to distributed and remote users at cloud scale.


These flexible, mobile, cloud-delivered local Internet breakouts allow users to connect directly to SaaS platforms with all the same security visibility and controls that protect the data center. CASB from Menlo Security provides real-time visibility and controls access for user activity across sanctioned and unsanctioned applications. The fully integrated service simplifies policy creation and administration, ensuring that data is protected and access to SaaS is 100 percent secure. Unique to Menlo is its Isolation Core™ that protects users from unsanctioned applications as SaaS content is fetched and executed in the Menlo Security Global Cloud instead of on users’ browsers. Menlo Security efficiently delivers only safe and authorized content to end-user browsers, with no impact on application experience.


CASB from Menlo Security also gives security teams visibility and the ability to apply the appropriate security controls to all traffic functions regardless of physical location or the underlying connection. And we do this without relying on vulnerable VPN services or physical security appliances that impact performance and add IT overhead.

Key Benefits


Zero Trust Approach

Highly distributed and mobile users are able to securely access SaaS platforms without compromising performance or security.


Hardened Security for Remote, Mobile User

Security teams are able to monitor and control SaaS traffic—including sensitive data discovery—as it is seamlessly routed through a private isolation layer in the cloud and with no API throttling restrictions. 


Reduced IT Complexity and Overhead

A simplified approach to monitor and control SaaS traffic eliminates the need to deploy expensive security appliances or expand bandwidth.


Smaller Attack Surface

Monitoring SaaS traffic allows security teams to protect users from advanced threats that use SaaS as an attack vector—such as ransomware, malware, and credential theft.

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