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Have You Been Smished? Mass Smishing Operation Targeting Mobile Users with Fake Amazon and USPS Update Messages

Posted by Krishnan Subramanian on Apr 29, 2021


Earlier this month, mobile users began being targeted with smishing messages in what appears to be an organized spam operation campaign. Smishing is much like phishing, except rather than sending email, the attackers send text messages using SMS (Short Message Service). The smishing campaign has been sending fake United States Postal Service (USPS) or FedEx shipment updates as well as phony Amazon loyalty program rewards via text messages.

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Tags: Mobile Devices, Smishing, Scam, Fake Giveaways

Ransomware: Looking beyond endpoint protection

Posted by Marcos Colón on Apr 13, 2021

The last year has been one of the most active in the previous decade in cybersecurity. More than 1,000 data breaches took place in the United States alone, with a total of 155 million individuals impacted by data exposures, according to Statista. But when it comes to ransomware, the data on this insidious type of cyberattack is even more alarming.


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Tags: malware, phishing, Isolation Core

Saying ‘no’ to the cyber status quo

Posted by Brett Raybould on Apr 8, 2021

Why post-pandemic cybersecurity needs a new normal

Is the end finally in sight? The UK's successful vaccination programme has many people hoping that Spring might see a phased return to normal. Maybe a mass migration back to the office really is in the offing.

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Tags: cyber security, SWG, Secure Remote Worker, Remote Working, SaaS, BYOD

Menlo Security Celebrates Winners of First Annual APAC Partner of the Year Awards

Posted by Adel Eid on Apr 1, 2021

Today we are celebrating our partner community and announcing the winners of our first annual Partner of the Year award winners in the APAC region. As we continue to evolve by expanding our Secure Web Gateway (SWG) and SASE Security portfolio to cover more use cases, our partner community and ecosystem are becoming an even more integral part of our success.

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Tags: cyber security, SWG, secure web gateway, Menlo Security, APAC, APAC Partner Awards, Partner Program, Sales Enablement, Sales Training

Credential Phishing: Themes and Tactics

Posted by Krishnan Subramanian on Mar 31, 2021

In the last month, the Menlo Labs team has observed a steady rise in credential phishing attacks. This method of attack is quite popular—attackers create fake login pages or forms to steal users’ credentials for commonly used services in a corporate environment.

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Tags: phishing attacks, credential phishing, Decoy Files, Phishing Tactics, Phishing Kit

Embracing what makes us different.

Posted by Steven Wastie on Mar 29, 2021

We’re on a roll. From expanding our Secure Web Gateway (SWG) and SASE Security portfolio to cover more use cases, to our growing customer and partner ecosystem, Menlo Security is doing better than ever. It’s an exciting time. But we needed our brand to reflect that forward momentum and stake a claim in the constantly evolving security landscape.

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Tags: Menlo Security, branding

No White Flags—the Value of Cyber Innovation at Speed and Scale

Posted by Mike East, VP EMEA on Mar 26, 2021

The first ‘till-less’ Amazon Fresh store opened in London recently. Download a QR code, shop and leave with everything being charged directly to your Amazon account. Is this something that we have all been dying to do? Perhaps not today, but what it demonstrates is Amazon’s commitment to reducing friction for customers and their relentless investment in innovation.

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Tags: cybersecurity, isolation, SASE, CDR, Government, Defence, cyberroi, cybervalue, cyber innovation, ncsc

Hope Is Not a (Security) Strategy

Posted by Steven Wastie on Mar 25, 2021

For anyone schooled in the sales discipline, this key tenet--hope is not a strategy--is at the core of consistent, predictable performance. The book has been around for some time but it still resonates today. This same notion applies to security and risk management. All too often, security teams are reacting to the latest threat, struggling with maintaining policies on their security gateways and buried in alerts and access control issues. 

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The Mobile Isolation Era Begins: Smart DOM

Posted by Gautam Altekar on Mar 22, 2021

Mobile Isolation from Menlo Security features Smart Document Object Model (DOM), a next-generation browser remoting technology designed to deliver a best-in-class browsing experience despite the unique challenges of the mobile environment and an ever expanding web platform.


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Tags: remote browser isolation, Zero-Day Attack, Mobile Isolation, Document Object Model, Mobile Browser, Smart DOM

Join us (Virtually) at Security BSides Dublin on March 27

Posted by Maureen O’Connell on Mar 17, 2021

March already? How did that happen so quickly? We’re excited that Krishnan Subramanian, a Staff Security Researcher at Menlo Labs, will be presenting at the Security BSides Dublin virtual conference on March 27, 2021.


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Tags: Menlo Labs, Security BSides Dublin, Exploit Kits, Drive-By-Downloads, Security Bsides

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