Menlo Security announces strategic partnership with Google
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Menlo Security Partners with Leading Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) Solutions to Prevent Known and Unknown File-borne Threats

Cloud Secure Web Gateway now integrated with products from ReSec and Sasa Software

Mountain View, CA - August 26, 2020—Menlo Security, a leader in cloud security, today announced that the company has integrated its Cloud Secure Web Gateway with the industry’s leading content disarm and reconstruction products to enable native file format downloads safely. The integrations with ReSec and Sasa Software allow companies to add the ability to sanitize and reconstruct files to neutralize any potential threats while maintaining full usability of the file and supporting hundreds of file types.

“Menlo Security is pleased to partner with these companies to deliver a joint solution that solves a pressing problem and delivers tremendous value to the market,” said Sanjit Shah, head of strategic alliances at Menlo Security. “CDR is an important technology that enhances productivity and the end user experience by allowing employees to access the native file formats without compromising security.”

The Menlo Security Cloud Secure Web Gateway is built on an Isolation Core™, which separates the enterprise network from the public web while providing users with secure, low-latency connections to the Internet and Software as a Service (SaaS) applications. The platform is built in the cloud for the cloud and is architected to help companies embrace a cloud-first architecture. Unlike security products that deliver “almost safe” security, we believe the Menlo Security Isolation Core™ stops malware 100 percent of the time, a feat that was previously thought to be unachievable.

ReSecure Web solution from ReSec completely prevents known and unknown malware that may have arrived via downloaded documents from the web. It maintains the original file outside of the organization’s network and creates a threat-free and fully functional replica of the file in real time for safe access by the user. A granular and rich policy editor offers diverse alternatives to exclude specific file types, treat URLs, configure security settings levels, and more.

"The integration between Menlo Security and ReSec Technologies will provide users with full protection from web-based threats, along with an enhanced user experience in the ability to download threat-free and fully functional documents in their native format", said Tal Yatsiv, Executive Chairman of ReSec Technologies.Sasa Software GateScanner CDR uses highly optimized scanning and next generation detection technologies to pre-filter malicious files, as well as proprietary file disarm technology to effectively transform files into safe and neutralized (harmless) copies. This prevents advanced and undetectable weaponized content—including zero-day threats, exploits, APTs, and ransomware—while maintaining unmatched file fidelity and usability.

“Sasa Software is excited to cooperate with Menlo Security to create a powerful solution with true preventative approach for browser and file-based attacks,” said Yakov Yeroslav, CEO of Sasa Software. “Integration is straightforward with minimal configuration, enabling our mutual customers to detect and mitigate advanced file-based threats by neutralizing weaponized content, including exploits that have never been seen before, while maintaining unmatched file fidelity and usability."

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Menlo Security, Inc. delivers security without compromise and helps enterprises achieve digital transformation to leverage the full benefits of the cloud. Its solutions are built on the world’s first and only Isolation Core™, which delivers 100 percent protection against web and email threats. Headquartered in Mountain View, CA, Menlo Security is trusted by eight of the ten largest banks in the world, critical infrastructure, and large government agencies. It is backed by General Catalyst, Sutter Hill Ventures, Engineering Capital, Osage University Partners, American Express Ventures, Ericsson Ventures, HSBC, and JP Morgan Chase.

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