Zero Trust in the Context of Browser Security - July 16th
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Embracing what makes us different.


We’re on a roll. From expanding our Secure Web Gateway (SWG) and SASE Security portfolio to cover more use cases, to our growing customer and partner ecosystem, Menlo Security is doing better than ever. It’s an exciting time. But we needed our brand to reflect that forward momentum and stake a claim in the constantly evolving security landscape.

Honing in on who we are

Our brand represents who we are, what we believe, and how we show up for customers and in the market. Up until now, we were all about making the Internet safe, seamless, and effective for everyone. And that is still at the heart of what drives us.

We knew there was a bigger story to tell but we wanted to be led by data. So over several months, we conducted more than 50 in-depth interviews and many hours of secondary research to hone in on patterns and insights that would inform our future brand platform. In that research, our customers revealed a deeper part of the story: To them, we not only make online work a safe space, we also empower them to protect productivity. This is huge.

Most security solutions slow productivity or create barriers to getting work done. They force you to choose between working securely or productively. At Menlo, we prove it’s possible to do both. We also believe security should be invisible—happening behind the scenes where workers don’t have to bump up against it.We call this sweet spot “securing work.”In a nutshell, we’ve built a way to kick tradeoffs (and online threats) to the curb.

Leveling up how we show up

A brand is much more than a logo. It’s an aggregate of what you believe, what you say, how you say it, how you make people feel and, yes, how you look. But it’s also the collection of perceptions people have about your organization.Our old logo did a great job of speaking to our ingenuity (who doesn’t think “great idea!” when they see a light bulb graphic?). It didn’t, however, emphasize the uniqueness of our offerings or the benefits of “securing work.” We partnered with an amazing outside creative team to zero in on who we are, and we developed a whole new look, feel, and voice.

The most obvious change? Our new logo. Like a badge of strength, it boldly represents the sureness of our security products. The “N” doubles as a lightning bolt—a nod to our old logo and a tribute to the power we put into people’s hands.

We’re also building a new website to include our expanded product offerings. The new site, which will show off our updated visual design approach and voice, will be available soon, along with our newly branded content. Click here to get launch news.

At Menlo, we offer a different way of thinking about security—zooming out from the tactical to the inspirational. Our customers are more than security technologists, they’re business enablers. And we’re here to help them enable business safely.We believe these updates to our brand platform more accurately represent who we are and how we empower our customers.

Our resolve never wavers

Malware stops work every day. But what stops malware? Even the best security solutions leave people one step behind, solving yesterday’s problems while struggling to keep up with today’s threats. Menlo Security changes the playing field: Our fundamentally different approach eliminates malware threats completely. So everything anyone needs to do online, they can do safely and confidently—without interruption.

We’ll never stop trailblazing the path to achieving that for our customers.

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