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Weaponized Documents

Eliminate Threats from Document Malware or Malicious Email Attachments
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Traditional web security solutions can’t protect user devices from document-based malware. But Menlo disarms weaponized documents before they get to your users’ devices by isolating and opening all documents and email attachments on our pool of isolated web browsers—and sends only safe mirrored content to your users' devices.

Elimination of Detection-Only Defense

Detection-based solutions can’t protect the enterprise from today’s increasingly sophisticated threats such as fileless, document, and PDF malware. No matter how early they detect malware, it’s already too late. That’s why Menlo isolates all web- and email-based documents before they ever get to users’ devices.

Native User Experience in Safe Mode

Menlo supports all popular document types—including PDF, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint—with the seamless experience users expect. Suspicious documents—like password-protected documents—are rendered as safe PDFs with all active content stripped out. Privileged-user policies allow original document downloads only after anti-virus and sandbox inspections.

Strengthen Sandboxing and Other Legacy Approaches

New malware can detect a Sandbox and modify its behavior to circumvent it—essentially, turning off its ability to execute a command until the Sandbox is removed and the coast is clear. But Menlo treats all documents as risky and delivers only safe mirrored content to users’ devices, eliminating this type of circumvention completely.

Encrypted Archives and Password-Protected Documents

An industry first, Menlo protects against encrypted archives and password-protected Microsoft Office documents and PDFs. The user simply enters the password while the file is isolated in our secure web browsers, and we decrypt it before making it available for safe viewing, conversion to safe PDF, or further inspection.

Customer Support Portal

Our support portal is just another way we at Menlo wish to help you isolate the bad stuff.