Protect Personnel Everywhere Work Gets Done

Whether employees are working in the office or remotely, phishing emails, compromised websites and corrupted attachments put your systems, data and people at risk. That’s why Menlo Security is reimagining online security, keeping your government personnel productive and your systems and data safe. Unlike traditional cyber “solutions” that can only react to threats they recognize, cloud isolation keeps malicious code from ever reaching user devices.

“Almost Safe” Security Is Not Good Enough

The Menlo Security Cloud Platform stops 100% of malware, ransomware and zero-days across your agency, now.


Support the Mission, Anywhere Work Happens.

Support the Mission, Anywhere Work Happens

Whether teleworking, performing field data collection or performing maintenance on a flight line, high-speed, reliable access to data, apps and collaboration tools is a necessity. The secure cloud platform works with your agency’s full portfolio of productivity and collaboration tools, including Microsoft 365, G Suite, Box, Salesforce and ServiceNow. SaaS apps run in a virtual browser, just like websites, so documents can be opened and shared safely, even when they come from email attachments.

Spend Less to Do More

Agencies continue to invest substantially in endpoint protection, enterprise antivirus, intrusion detection and other reactive technologies that simply don’t address the basic issue: any time a user’s system directly connects online to a compromised or hostile one, there’s a risk of downloading malicious code. Conventional security software has to learn what to look for. That’s why your security teams are constantly chasing down false alarms and updating software, hardware and malware profiles... and cleaning up threats that traditional solutions missed The Menlo Security Isolation CoreTM shifts the paradigm by preventing browser, SaaS and email-based threats with a single, elegant, cloud-based gateway solution.

Spend Less to Do More
Leave the Frustration of Traditional VPNs Behind

Leave the Frustration of Traditional VPNs Behind

With COVID-19 driving exponentially more government users to telework, bad actors are taking advantage of weaknesses in certain VPNs to gain access to your systems. Plus, though they’re required for remote logins, VPNs can be slow and cumbersome. Isolation can actually improve productivity by routing unclassified traffic directly to the cloud platform, reducing bandwidth burdens — there’s no need to backhaul traffic through the government network or go through Internet Access Points (IAPs) or a Trusted Internet Connection (TIC).


Menlo is a critical part of our defense in depth strategy
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Key Benefits

Web isolation technology delivers perfectly secure web access for federal workers and agencies


Safely Browse and Research the Internet, from Anywhere

  • Our secure web gateway,built on our Isolation CoreTM creates a virtual “air gap” between the federal worker and the online world, in effect separating government users from all potential threats such as malware, ransomware, zero-days and other cybersecurity risks. For users, the experience is transparent.


Make Remote Work Faster and Improve Productivity

Menlo Security supports a direct-to-cloud strategy and drives all web traffic (including unclassified) directly to the Menlo Security Cloud Platform, reducing threat vectors and moving government network traffic away from Trusted Internet Connections (TICs) or Internet Access Points (IAPs) to ease bandwidth burdens and speed access.


Integrate with Your Existing Infrastructure and Supercharge Your Security

The Menlo Security Cloud Platform can be configured to support your public, private and hybrid cloud environments seamlessly. We provide enhanced security in concert with your Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution, work with mobile device management (MDM) tools to ensure that smartphones and tablets are protected and improve on conventional, reactive AV and anti-malware tools.

Menlo Security seamlessly integrates with any government network architecture to ensure rapid deployment, near-infinite scalability and easy management, cost-effectively supporting—and securing—your entire organization.


Learn How Menlo Security Can Help Protect Your Government Agency from Online and Email Threats.

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