Delivers 100% Protection Against Phishing and Ransomware

Phishing and Ransomware Is Missed by Proofpoint, Microsoft ATP, and G Suite Every Day

To protect against advanced email attacks that get missed by detection-based technologies, turn to Menlo Security’s Email Isolation.


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Phishing and Ransomware Attacks Continue

Despite their best efforts, existing email security solutions cannot completely prevent phishing attacks that have grown increasingly targeted, sophisticated, and lethal.


Phishing and Ransomware Cause
90% of Breaches


62% of Organizations
Affected by Ransomware in 2020

As a Result


Major Financial Loss

A single phishing attack can cost billions of dollars.

Data_Loss 2400px

Compromised Data

Data breaches typically start with phishing and result in lawsuits and fines.


Reduced Productivity

Disrupted email means disrupted business and productivity, since email is the top-ranking method of collaboration.

Eliminate Phishing and Ransomware for Good


Menlo Security’s advanced email security solution, Email Isolation, stops phishing and ransomware attacks delivered through attachments and email links.

Rather than determining which links and attachments in an email are safe, Email Isolation adds an additional layer of security to your existing secure email gateway with a seamless integration with Office 365, G Suite, and on-premises Exchange.

With Menlo's Security Isolation Core™, web content is fetched and executed in the Menlo Security Global Cloud instead of on users’ browsers. Menlo Security efficiently delivers only safe and authorized content to end-user browsers, with no impact on users' email or browsing experience.

Menlo Security rejects the notion that phishing and ransomware attacks will happen, so we just need to focus on mitigating the damage from these inevitable incidents. We are redefining the industry with the only solution that stops phishing and ransomware for good.


See how Isolation can eliminate phishing and ransomware for good.



Key Benefits

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Phishing Links Are Blocked or Isolated So You’re Never Breached

Phishing attacks are completely stopped because users are unable to view, enter, or upload any sensitive information or data

Malcious links144

Email Attachments Are Isolated and Viewable Remotely

Users are able to view attachments in isolation, and all active content is neutralized so zero ransomware ever reaches the endpoint.


Fast Deployment—Less than 5 Minutes

Fast integration with Office 365 and G Suite in minutes, with no disruption to existing email security products.


User-friendly Warnings Provide Users with Teachable Moments When They Click on Links

Users receive “dummy proof” warnings for any links they clicked, to teach them how to avoid doing so the next time.

See the user experience of Isolation.

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