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Eliminate Phishing, Malware, Credential Theft and Other Risks from Web and Email

What makes the web interactive and dynamic is the very thing that’s the source of malware and infections: active content. When you visit a website, there are dozens of background websites that deliver JavaScript and Flash for the purpose of ads, trackers, and beacons. With Menlo Security, we execute all active content remotely, and leave the rendering local. The upshot is that all executables are handled in the cloud, the good and the bad—we don’t try and detect good from bad, we’re agnostic.


And zero malware makes it through. Always.

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Web Security

Moves the risky aspects of the browser to the cloud such that all active web content, good or bad, is safely executed away from the end user.

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Email Security

Eliminates credential theft and drive-by downloads used by phishing campaigns via email link isolation and web-form input restrictions.

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Isolation Platform

Menlo eliminates all web and email security risks through isolation—providing the first truly 100 percent safe browsing experience.

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Menlo Security Isolation Platform

With the Menlo Security Isolation Platform, Menlo has pioneered an approach that cleanly combines web security, email security as well as phishing awareness training into a single cohesive solution. It delivers assured security without compromising the user experience or burdening your IT staff. The diagram below highlights the key components and product capabilities of the Menlo Security Isolation Platform.

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Policy Configuration & Reporting

MSIP keeps a detailed, comprehensive record of incoming attacks, creating a powerful analytical tool. MSIP is certified for use with leading SIEM solutions.


The platform can be used on its own, or can be integrated with leading technology solutions such as secure web gateways, secure email gateways and next-gen firewalls, to enhance a company's overall security posture.


Patented Adaptive Clientless Rendering™ is a breakthrough technology that mirrors the isolated browser onto the end-user’s browser. It is 100% secure and 10x more network resource efficient than video-streaming technologies.

Global Enterprise Cloud

A true multi-tenant elastic service, our global enterprise cloud provides remote workers, remote offices, and traveling users with a consistent experience worldwide. The platform automatically scales to handle any load, and provides operational management for service providers and large enterprises.

MSIP enables enterprise-wide deployment of isolation security without the need to install and manage endpoint software, new browsers, or web browser plug-ins. The platform and management console are hosted in a secure cloud environment that is continuously audited, with certifications from accreditation bodies across the globe.

Seamless User Experience

The Menlo Security Isolation Platform end-user experience is nearly indistinguishable from what they'd known using native browsers, giving them no reason to want to bypass the Menlo-protected environment.


Smooth Scrolling

No choppy or pixelated scrolling.


Native Browser Menus

Right click menus are consistent with native browsers.


Browser Extensions

Support for native browser extensions.


Fast, Smooth Video

No jitter, pixelation or latency.


Native Copy, Paste, Find & Print

No new unintuitive menus for users to learn.

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