Discover how Zero Trust Network Access delivers fast, reliable web application access

Isolation Security Operations Center

Threat monitoring for the modern enterprise

Providing seamless protection to the most valuable information your business manages.

Sentinels that fuel our approach.

Bolster SOC effectiveness

Close security holes created by policy changes to provide proactive, prioritized alerts that require immediate attention.

Shed light on the unknown

Actionable threat intelligence for SOC teams that range from zero-hour phishing and malware access, to data on good sites that have gone rogue.

Protect the workforce, anywhere

The perfect complement to our Zero Trust approach that helps fine-tune custom policies consistent with your vertical and customer profiles.

Ready to bolster your threat intelligence?

A new era of Threats demands new approaches to SOC telemetry

Elastic Isolation Core

Fueling our unique approach to security, the Elastic Isolation Core protects against known and unknown threats, and isolates them before they get to users. Zero Trust isolation provides 100% protection with no need for special software or plug-ins, so users experience no impact on performance or interruption in workflow.

Elastic Edge

Deliver a great user experience. Our platform is a build to elastically scale to as many users as needed on-demand with 99.9995% availability.


Our Isolation Security Operations Center (iSOC) examines global internet traffic that flows through the Menlo Global Cloud. This threat monitoring service enables a Zero Trust approach to protect businesses from known and unknown threats without impacting employee productivity.

Threats outsmarted. Enterprises liberated.

The iSOC provides an elite service that enables customers to connect, communicate and collaborate.

Uncovering the unknown.

Providing modern enterprises with the additional set of eyes needed to close any gaps created by inadvertent changes or targeted attacks.

  • 99.9995%

    global availability

  • 35,000,000

    isolated sessions daily

  • 4B

    transactions monthly

  • <100ms

    latency connections with tier 1 peering

Enhance SOC performance.

The talent shortage in cybersecurity is real. We offset those challenges by providing assistance and allowing your SOC team to focus on bigger, strategic challenges.

Actionable threat insights.

Data feeds provided to security teams through the Menlo Log API or through the insights reporting and analytics tool.

Ready to discover how you can protect productivity seamlessly?

Here are other ways we help you get one step closer to perfecting security.

Eliminate phishing and ransomware

Protect the most important business tool from hard-to-spot attacks.

Gain visibility & control over data loss

Secure work by making sure sensitive data never leaves the network.

Control access to SaaS applications

Fast, reliable, and secure access to critical platforms, from anywhere.

Implement Secure Access Service Edge

Enable the business with a new security architecture built for the cloud.

Secure Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace

Protect productivity for employees, wherever business takes them.

Secure remote users

Provide work without limits, while taking malware off the table.

Our customers trust our Zero Trust approach.

At Menlo Security, we set out to solve the biggest security challenges for leading organizations around the globe.

My job is to add the word ‘safely’ to the end of everything the business wants to do.

CISO of a top 5 global banking group

Rewriting technologies are security of the future.

$3B to $10B firm from Finance industry

Safest software to keep your data protected.

$500M – $1B USD firm from Service industry

Dive deeper into all things security.

Make the secure way to work the only way to work.

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