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HEAT Shield

Real-time protection against zero-hour threats.

Threat actors are using highly evasive threats to deliver phishing, malware, and ransomware by exploiting the least protected attack surface in your enterprise today – the web browser. Menlo Security’s HEAT portfolio blocks these attacks.

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Prevent the latest and most evasive phishing threats targeting your users

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Comprehensive phishing and malware prevention in real-time.

Evasive attacks continue to adapt, and your security policy needs to be as dynamic as the threats targeting your organization. Menlo Security’s HEAT Shield dynamically stops zero-hour phishing, malware, and ransomware attacks.

Frictionless user experience.

HEAT Shield enables a seamless browsing experience regardless of location or device without hindering user productivity, all while making security invisible to the end user.

Simple, single click configuration for users.

HEAT Shield is effortless to deploy and enable, requiring minimal configuration to actively start blocking zero-hour threats, phishing, and ransomware.

Protect against zero-hour phishing and other highly evasive threats targeting your organization.

The browser has become the most widely used enterprise application today. It’s where over 80% of security attacks* take place. This has resulted in zero-hour phishing attacks and highly evasive threats being used to deliver malware, compromise user systems, and steal sensitive data.

*Verizon 2022 Data Breach Investigation Report

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Prevent zero-hour phishing and malware attacks.

With complete end-to-end visibility and dynamic policy enforcement inside the browser, HEAT Shield protects you against highly evasive threats that other solutions can’t.

  • 50%+

    of HEAT attacks seen come from categorized websites

  • 70%

    rise in attacks using reputable sites to bypass URL reputation engines

  • 85%

    of malicious password-protected files were archive files

  • Every minute

    we see a new phishing site set up across top impersonated brands

Support for any browser/any endpoint OS.

Every person has at least one browser and uses it to access all types of content and applications. With Menlo, all web traffic is protected against phishing and malware, regardless of which browser users choose.

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Protect every user regardless of location or device.

Remove the burden of maintaining complex web access policy and help desk tickets. HEAT Shield is available for remote users anywhere, anytime and supports a variety of operation systems such as Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android.

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No agent or endpoint required to maximize security.

Stop manually updating, managing, or patching systems – Menlo Security provides simple connectivity and automation from the cloud, providing complete control for what goes in and out of the network, and keeps users safe from breach and data loss on daily interactions.

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Actionable alerts and insights for your security teams.

HEAT Shield provides visibility and insight into how users are being targeted by threat actors. Get real time visibility and actionable alerts for your security teams to enhance their incident response procedures.

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Global scale, simple technology integration.

Globally available providing security coverage throughout 145 countries and territories, HEAT Shield is effortless to deploy and can be easily integrated into other parts of your existing security stack to provide detailed threat intel with single click configuration.

Is HEAT Shield right for your organization? Find out.

Eliminate zero-hour phishing and highly evasive threats completely.

Secure Web Browsing

As the most widely used enterprise application, the browser has become a common target for threat actors.

Secure SaaS and private application access

To ensure business productivity, organizations need to deliver safe, reliable, and consistent access to applications.

Threat visibility and intelligence

Organizations need differentiated, actionable, and integrated insights in order to quickly and accurately respond to threats.

Implement Zero Trust

Organizations have implemented zero trust as a way to prevent threat actors from accessing endpoints and spreading through the network.

Remote access and VDI replacement

Users are now the new perimeter, wherever and however they work. However, legacy solutions aren’t equipped to support this modern workforce.

Secure access to Generative AI

While utilization of generative AI platforms has led to increased productivity and innovation, it has also led to real concern – especially when it comes to cybersecurity.

Our customers believe in our approach to targeting evasive threats.

We’re solving the biggest security challenges for the largest companies in the world, and we’re doing it against a threat landscape that’s changing on a daily basis.

Highly evasive threats are growing as threat actors evolve how they deploy phishing and malware attacks. Tools like Menlo Security’s browser security solution, including their HEAT Shield, can help to combat cyber threat vectors for the world’s top financial institutions, governments and leading enterprises.

Michael Uriuoli, Chief Information Officer | JPMorgan Chase
JP Morgan Chase & Co logo
The solution prevents all web and email security threats before they enter our network. The main difference with the on-premise proxy was that we were heavily dependent on signatures, web categorization, and filtering. We have seen a decrease in the number of security alerts that our security ops team has to follow up on. Menlo provides a periodic report, which we can check on a regular basis. The report gives me confidence that the websites that are supposed to be blocked are always blocked. It lessens the tasks of the personnel who are doing web monitoring, so they’re able to do other things.
Sir Jonathan Pineda, Chief Information Security Officer | GSIS
GSIS logo

Menlo Security is the easiest way for us to analyze malicious URLs and combat HEAT (Highly Evasive Adaptive Threats) as we conduct our investigations and research. It has been a good solution for us when it comes to our incident response especially as we investigate hundreds of threats every day. With Menlo, we can easily detect malicious URLs leading to faster threat detection response. Menlo allows us to provide our analysts with a risk-free internet experience without impacting user performance.

Joy Luville Mahinay, Security Operations Manager | Equinix
Equinix logo

Menlo provides my users a risk-free internet experience with no noticeable difference to their browsing speed.

Jeremy Ong, Chief Information Officer | Credit Counselling Singapore
credit counselling singapore

We know we need to protect our network from emerging attacks and threats targeting the web browser. We are seeing highly evasive threats as a concerning and growing tactic amongst threat actors, and solutions like HEAT Shield can dynamically block these attacks, even if they are zero hour, keeping our endpoints safe.

Greg Pastor, Director of Information Security | Remedi SeniorCare
remedi seniorcare logo

Menlo gives us full visibility inside the browser allowing me to detect and block highly evasive threats targeting my users. Before Menlo Security we didn’t know our users were being targeted with evasive web threats until it was too late. Menlo Security now provides us with visibility into the browser allowing us to completely remove the malware problem from web and email links. Menlo allows us to provide users with a risk-free internet experience without impacting user performance.

Christopher Fong, VP, Cybersecurity & Compliance | ST Logistics
ST logistics logo

Menlo gives us full visibility inside the browser, allowing me to detect and block highly evasive threats targeting my users.

Ang Shun Lie Terence, Service Delivery Manager | ST Engineering
ST engineering logo

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