Eliminate Security Blind Spots

Menlo Security's Isolation Security Operations Center (iSOC) closes security holes by recommending policy changes to maintain a high-security posture.

Mis-Configuration of Security Introduces Risk

An isolate-or-block approach to cybersecurity ensures malware-free web browsing but Internet access policies can change due to business requirements. In these circumstances, an additional set of eyes are needed to close any gaps created by inadvertent changes or targeted attack.

Misconfigured Security Could Result In:


Increased Security Risk

Sophisticated malware and other advanced threats could masquerade as original or relevant content to get around traditional security mechanisms.


Reduced Productivity

Simply blocking access to all websites could impose controls that are too restrictive over user access to the Internet, impacting productivity.

iSOC—The Sentinel for Secure Internet Access

iSOC from Menlo Security and the Menlo Security Cloud Secure Web Gateway enables Zero Trust cybersecurity approach.



Increases SOC Efficiency

Closes security holes created by policy changes to provide proactive, prioritized alerts for threats (such as phishing, malware, BEC, CnC activity) and policy recommendations to maintain high security posture.

Sheds Light on the Unknown

Provides actionable threat intelligence for SOC teams—including zero-hour phishing/malware access, good sites that have gone rogue, etc.—gleaned from isolating billions of websites daily.


Provides Security without Compromise

Complements Menlo’s isolate-or-block approach to stopping cyberattacks and closes security gaps by helping fine tune custom policies consistent with your vertical and similar customer profiles

Close Security Gaps without Impeding User Productivity


Isolation Security Operations Center (iSOC) is a continuous threat monitoring service that complements the Menlo Security Cloud Secure Web Gateway by monitoring Internet traffic that passes through the Menlo Global Cloud to identify unintended policy gaps, and misconfigurations and provides policy advice/recommendations based off the latest Menlo threat research.


Together, Menlo Security Cloud Secure Web Gateway and iSOC provide malware-free web browsing without impacting the native user experience. Large swaths of the Internet that may seem risky to security tools but are actually relevant to users’ jobs can be opened, eliminating help desk requests while increasing productivity. Ultimately, iSOC from Menlo Security enables a zero trust approach to protecting the organization from known and unknown threats without impacting user productivity.


iSOC Key Benefits


Increases Efficiency of SOC Personnel

  • Threat intelligence provided by Menlo helps offset the difficulty many organizations have in finding, hiring, and retaining qualified threat hunters, incident response engineers, and other security professionals.


Provides Continuous Threat Monitoring

Users are able to access original content on the Internet without putting the organization at risk.


Enables a Zero Trust Approach

Users are able to access original content on the Internet without putting the organization at risk.

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