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The criticality of protecting browser-based traffic

Marcos Colón
August 29, 2021

Employees spend most of their time working in the cloud. Why? Because critical tools like SaaS applications and email are all found there too. According to research by Google, before the pandemic, 75 percent of employees reported spending most of their working day in a web browser. Fast forward to today, and that number has likely grown. Even most of an organization’s data is in the cloud.

With applications, data, and people serving as the key ingredients to this massive migration, it’s become clear that the cloud is the backbone of remote work. Just about everything today happens in the cloud–except security.

In this brief video, Mark Guntrip, senior director of cybersecurity strategy at Menlo Security, explains why a logical starting point for security teams aiming to eliminate attacks on users is putting an emphasis on where they spend most of their working day–in the web browser.

Are you interested in learning more on this topic? Download a free version of this ESG white paper that breaks down how organizations can take a pragmatic path to SASE security.

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