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Web Isolation Service

Protect your enterprise from cyber attacks by completely eliminating—instead of just reducing—the danger of malicious websites infecting your users' devices. We isolate and execute all web content in our Menlo Security Isolation Platform so it's safe—before it ever gets to your enterprise.

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Eliminates the Risk of Web Malware

Malware simply can't get to users' devices. Even if they click on malicious or compromised websites.

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Seamless User Experience

Menlo's Isolation Platform gives users the same web browsing experience they're used to. Only it is 100% safe.

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One Tenth the Resource Utilization of Visual Streaming

Menlo's Isolation Platform doesn't take up a ton of resources. In fact, it uses just a tenth the bandwidth video streaming isolation uses. Yet it's 100% safe from web malware.

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No Client Software or Plugins

With Menlo, safety is simple. There's no endpoint client software to download, install or manage.


How It Works

Menlo isolates web transactions in the cloud, actually accessing the web on users' behalves, executing their sessions and requests, while removing any malware hiding in the websites they accessed, before they can get to your users' devices. All your users see is 100% safe, rendered information.

Flash Isolation

Now, you can remove Flash from your users’ browsers and still deliver Flash content—just without the risk of malware.