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Adaptive Clientless Rendering™

The Menlo Security Isolation Platform (MSIP) secures web browsing and email applications by preventing malware from being transmitted through these two key attack vectors. Available as a cloud service or on premises in the user’s data center, the MSIP isolates and executes a user’s web session and all active content (e.g. JavaScript, Flash, etc.), whether good or bad, and delivers only safe, malware-free rendered information. So, no active content—including any potential malware—ever leaves the platform, and malware has no path to an endpoint. For perhaps the first time, you don't have to block legitimate content in the interest of security, and you can feel confident opening up more of the Internet to your users, knowing you've eliminated the risk of attack.

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100% Secure

All web content is isolated and executed in the Menlo Security Isolation Platform, separate from the endpoint, eliminating the malware-to-user path.

Seamless User Experience

With the MSIP, there's no pixelation, choppy scrolling or other visual artifacts common to “screen-scraping” technologies like VDI. And all functionality, like cut-and-paste, printing, and video is delivered intact.

Cloud Flexibility and Scale

Reduces complexity and infinitely increases scale by eliminating end-point software, plug-ins and appliances.

Nothing gets in. Let us prove it.

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