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Protecting Banking and Financial Networks

Banking and financial services secured.

Completely eliminating web- and email-based threats targeting financial institutions.

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Threats outsmarted. Work undaunted.

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Protect the roaming workforce.

We work behind the scenes so users are never distracted and they never have to stop delivering critical banking and financial services to customers.

Shut the door on HEAT attacks.

We protect your entire workforce from all web-based threats, including Highly Evasive Adaptive Threats (HEAT) that lead to ransomware.

Secure the most critical business tool.

Our approach provides 100% email threat protection, thanks to all native web content being isolated before it reaches endpoints.

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Move the business forward, securely.

Banking and FSI organizations around the world are extremely tempting targets. We make sure users don’t bump up against security, and that malware can’t penetrate it.

Protection for modern financial services organizations.

Protecting today’s finserv organizations using yesterday’s security solutions is impossible. Our Zero Trust approach means no traffic should be trusted, even packets that originate from inside the organization.

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Keeping FSI systems 100% malware free.

We keep users and data safe from web-based threats by routing all web traffic through a cloud-based remote browser before delivering only safe content to the endpoint.

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Zero Trust powered by Isolation.

A Zero Trust approach powered by isolation technology allows finserv organizations to completely outsmart malware and other web-based threats like HEAT attacks, giving users worry-free, secure access to the tools they need to keep business running.

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Seamless protection that scales.

Our technology is built to deliver unlimited scalability, session continuity, and 99.9995% availability. On any cloud. This results in complete protection for any number of employees, no matter where they’re working from in the world.


breaches from email and web


reduction in SecOps alerts


zero-day threats


of sessions a month supported by the Menlo platform

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Secure Web Gateway

Protect productivity and outsmart threats with the only Secure Web Gateway powered by an Isolation Core™.

Browser Isolation

Accelerate the business and protect work by eliminating threats from Internet malware.

Email Isolation

Outsmarting email threats while preserving the user experience and protecting productivity with email isolation.


Providing the remote workforce with direct and secure access to SaaS platforms, without interruption.


Providing seamless protection to the most valuable information your business manages.


The workforce of today requires fast, reliable web application access. We make sure that happens.

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Make the secure way to work the only way to work.

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