Secure Internet

Powered by an Isolation Core™

What It Does

Cloud transformation is happening, and users need secure and reliable access to SaaS platforms, web apps, and rich-media websites—wherever business takes them. The Secure Internet product suite with an Isolation Core™ provides protection for web based threats to deliver secure web access without impacting performance or changing the native web browsing experience.


Key Features

  • Cloud Proxy

    Protect against online threats and enforce security policies.

  • Isolation Core

    Achieve 100% protection against malware.


    Analytics and Reporting

    Comprehensive reports and alerts with built-in traffic analysis.

  • FOUR

    DLP and CASB

    Real time data inspection and shadow IT discovery and enforcement.

  • FIVE

    SSL Inspection

    Scalable SSL inspection for every user and device. 

  • SIX

    Bandwidth Control

    Toggle control of streaming content on YouTube or other sites by limiting bandwidth utilization.

Our Solution


  1. Secure Internet
    First and Only Security Cloud Built on an Isolation Core

Secure Internet is built on Menlo Security’s patented Isolation Core.  The suite solves multiple web security, email security, threat prevention and data protection issues by separating the enterprise network from the public web while providing seamless, unrestricted access to the internet. It also provides the most granular visibility and control of users, data and applications. 



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Use Cases



Accelerate Office 365 Deployment

Local Internet breakout for O365 deployments that remove network latency and bandwidth issues.


100% Malware Protection

Achieve 100% protection from zero day attacks and that doesn’t rely on a detect and response approach to security enabled by an Isolation Core™.


Complete Data Visibility and Policy Control

Transform the cloud into your security control point to provide full visibility of applications and data. Our Isolation Core enforces policies and controls globally across all users and devices with full SSL inspection inline.

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