Secure G Suite

Powered by an Isolation Core™

What It Does

Secure G Suite isolates emailed links and attachments to protect against phishing attacks or malicious websites. It is built on our Global Cloud Proxy, which includes global low latency peering on the Internet backbone for the best G Suite user experience.

Secure G Suite relies on two key technologies, Cloud Proxy and our Isolation Core. Our cloud proxy help businesses adopt a direct-to-Internet architecture by pointing all traffic to a single location on the internet that we then secure. Our Isolation Core prevents email-based attacks by opening documents in the cloud and safely rendering the content to the end-device.


Key Features

  • Email Link Isolation

    Stop credential phishing, drive-by installers, exploit kits, and other attacks delivered by email link.

  • Email Attachment Isolation

    Eliminate the risk of malicious or infected attachments by safely viewing the content in the cloud without having to open the original file on the end-point. 


    Analytics and Reporting

    Analyze traffic data pre-built/custom queries and using APIs for third-party SIEM and BI tool integration.

  • FOUR

    Encrypted Traffic Management

    Protect browsing and email globally by inspecting and removing threats that hide in HTTPS traffic without affecting the end-user’s experience..

  • FIVE

    Data Loss Prevention

    Comply with requirements by stopping the release of sensitive data) by leveraging our Isolation Core™ and over 300 pre-built plus custom data types to achieve enhanced visibility into data moving from end-points to the cloud. 

  • SIX

    Cloud Delivery with Fast Access

    Seamless fast access to the internet from Elastic Scale Global ISO-certified data centers with enterprise uptime that supports billions of web requests daily.

Our Solution



Secure G Suite
Direct to Internet Connections to G Suite with Unsurpassed Security

Secure G Suite enables businesses to overcome the shortcomings of traditional network architecture by allowing direct-to-Internet connections and malware-free email links / attachments through our Isolation Core™.

The combination of these technologies allows us to provide superior email security and web-based phishing prevention, all while utilizing fewer network resources.

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Use Cases



Email Attachment and Link Isolation

Protect against the #1 threat vector by safely isolating email attachments, and opening links in isolation to prevent exposure to fraudulent  sites or those exhibiting malicious behavior.


Reduce MPLS Backhaul Costs

Eliminate costly MPLS backhaul costs by allowing users to connect directly to the Internet, while maintaining the highest level of data visibility and control.


Optimize G Suite End User Experience

Create secure, low latency connections globally to optimize G Suite user experience.

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