Discover how Zero Trust Network Access delivers fast, reliable web application access

Secure web gateway

Lives in the cloud. Secures like a dream.

Purpose-built for the cloud, our isolation-powered Secure Web Gateway (SWG) sidesteps stop-gap security measures and protects completely.

Productivity protected. Confidence restored.

Outsmarts known, unknown, and future threats.

Our SWG employs Zero Trust principles, isolating threats from reaching users and always staying ahead of the next attack, eliminating the need for allow-or-block band-aids.

One platform, one interface.

Our approach converges SWG capabilities into a single cloud-native platform, eliminating multiple appliances and giving managers one interface to navigate.

Flexible, easy deployment options.

Delivered as a cloud service or on-premise, our SWG quickly integrates with existing infrastructure and supports any device including mobile users.

Discover the only SWG powered by an Isolation Core™

Meet the platform that makes malware a memory.

Elastic Isolation Core

Don’t chase after threats via detect and response. Isolation is the power behind our platform, neutralizing malware before it gets in. Every time.

Elastic Edge

Deliver a great user experience. Our platform is build to elastically scale to as many users as needed on-demand with 99.9995% availability.

SWG & SASE Security

Banish malware. Only our cloud-native, converged SWG and CASB platform puts security into SASE and keeps malware from reaching users. Entirely.

Put the power of isolation in your SWG.

Secure business, protect users, and liberate workflows. 100% of the time.

Isolation-Powered Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB).

CASB functionality provides granular policy control for SaaS applications and deep visibility of app traffic to ensure compliance. Integrates smoothly with third-party CASB solutions.

  • billions

    isolated sessions monthly

  • compliance certified

    SOC II & ISO 27001,
    ISO 27017, ISO 27018

Global Elastic Cloud.

Enable rapid provisioning of users, while guaranteeing connectivity from any location. The Global Elastic Cloud promises secure, optimal web access for remote sites and mobile users worldwide.

Data Loss Prevention.

Get increased visibility and control over document uploads to the Internet, even when using a third-party on-premise or cloud-based DLP.

Ready to work without worry?

Solutions for your biggest security challenges.

Eliminate phishing and ransomware

Protect the most important business tool from hard-to-spot attacks.

Gain visibility & control over data loss

Secure work by making sure sensitive data never leaves the network.

Control access to SaaS applications

Fast, reliable, and secure access to critical platforms, from anywhere.

Implement Secure Access Service Edge

Enable the business with a new security architecture built for the cloud.

Secure Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace

Protect productivity for employees, wherever business takes them.

Secure remote users

Provide work without limits, while taking malware off the table.

Our customers trust our Zero Trust approach.

At Menlo Security, we set out to solve the biggest security challenges for leading organizations around the globe.

My job is to add the word ‘safely’ to the end of everything the business wants to do.

CISO of a top 5 global banking group

Rewriting technologies are security of the future.

$3B to $10B firm from Finance industry

Safest software to keep your data protected.

$500M – $1B USD firm from Service industry

Dive deeper into all things security.

Make the secure way to work the only way to work.

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