Benefits of Partnership

Menlo Security BOOST Program

Join Menlo Security’s BOOST Program today to take advantage
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Increase Revenue


Menlo Security has helped hundreds of Global 2000 companies and major government agencies achieve Zero Trust Internet. Get in on the ground floor and work with us to generate stable, reoccurring revenue with strong margins for many years to come

Gain Expertise


Learn how you can help your customers eliminate 100% of their web and email threats. We’ll provide you with the resources, tools, training and certifications needed to help expand your service offerings and stay updated on our cutting edge technology.

Stand Out from the Competition


Menlo Security’s Isolation Platform has helped customers eliminate web threats, credential theft, and document malware. Our game-changing platform is simple and easy to use. Our customers love us, and we think your customers will too.

GTM Support


We’re here to help! Our marketing team would be more than happy to support your local marketing initiatives. Let us know how we can assist with your marketing programs today!

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