Global Cloud Proxy

Powered by an Isolation Core™

What It Does

The Menlo Security Global Cloud Proxy provides fast, secure web access to applications like Office 365 and enables IT departments to scale security services for large organizations while reducing operational costs.

Key Features

  • Cloud Delivery with Fast Access

    Fast, low latency access to the internet from ISO-certified data centers with 99.999+% availability that supports billions of web requests daily.

  • Cloud Proxy with URL Filtering

    Granular URL filtering to enforce web control policies for any user on any device with enhanced Bandwidth control capabilities.


    Central Management

    Centrally configure web security and access policies that are instantly applied to any user on any device.

  • FOUR

    Menlo Insights

    Enhanced search capabilities with Menlo Query Language to achieve custom queries and analysis of data with APIs for third-party SIEM and BI tool integration.

  • FOUR

    SSL Inspection

    Inspect and block harmful malware hiding in encrypted traffic.

  • FOUR

    Bandwidth Control

    Toggle control of streaming content on YouTube or other sites by limiting bandwidth utilization.

Our Proxy Solution



Global Cloud Proxy
Scalable Cloud Proxy built for the Cloud

Menlo Security’s Global Cloud Proxy provides elastic, scalable, cloud-managed access for millions of users in organizations across the world. Users can access the Internet by sending all web traffic to the Global Cloud Proxy, which sits between your employees and the Internet.

The Global Cloud Proxy protects enterprises from known cyberthreats and helps companies ensure that their employees stay in compliance with web and cloud access policies.



Cloud Proxy Use Cases



Seamless Internet Access

Achieve fast access to the internet with scalable cloud architecture that delivers protection using web filtering.


Branch Security

Benefit from protection for Branch with support for standard network protocols for seamless connection to the Menlo Cloud including integration with SD-WAN providers.


Fast Office 365 Performance

Fast connectivity with internet backbone peering and connectivity to O365 datacenters plus automatic routing as changes to Office 365 infrastructure occur.

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