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Stop Email Fraud and Threats Before They Infect Your Network
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Fraudulent and infected email is one of the most common ways that malicious actors attempt to worm their way into your network. The Menlo Security Isolation Platform solution provides email threat protection by quarantining email and phishing attacks before they can exploit users and gain access to your network.

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Preserved Email Experience

Email and webmail isolation is completely transparent to end users, giving them the native email experience and functionality they’ve always enjoyed. There are no new applications to learn and no new interactions to get used to. Everything works the same as before.

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Seamless Integration

Menlo seamlessly integrates with the most common email platforms (Gmail, Exchange, Office 365) to give users quick, nimble access to their work email and personal webmail. Users get the same look, feel, and functionality they expect. Nothing seems different. That means no agents and no client for cloud or on-premise deployment.

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Phishing Awareness Training

Even though the Menlo Security Isolation Platform takes end users out of the equation by isolating all traffic, Menlo allows you to reinforce phishing awareness training by providing custom time-of-click warning messages.

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Web-Based Malware

Credential Theft

Sophisticated hackers are getting really good at mimicking trusted brands and real web forms, using them to trick users into giving up their credentials. Menlo fetches and executes web forms via our cloud-based remote secure browser and then renders them to users’ devices in read-only mode. This solution effectively disables user input based on the user and website policies you set.

URL-Based Attacks

Keeping track of suspicious or uncategorized URLs is unsustainable and often inaccurate. The Menlo Security Isolation Platform isolates all web traffic—good and bad—in our cloud-based remote secure browser platform, making it safe for users to click even suspicious links.

Spear Phishing

Put an end to attacks designed for a population of one—attacks that even the hardened security expert might not catch. Menlo locks down websites and web forms in read-only mode, ensuring that your users and network are always protected.

“Menlo Security holds the promise to eliminate the risk from targeted phishing attacks, especially those that attempt to steal user credentials.”

Gene Casady, Manager, Threat Monitoring & Response Center

“Cybersecurity is a top priority for us. This investment is an example of how we will continue to dedicate time and resources to the challenge.”

Tim Dawson, Head of Cyber Technology

Menlo allows you to provide the value of the Internet to users in a safe manner, and it’s the only technology, as far as I’m concerned, that does that.

Vance Jones, CISO, Bank of Hawaii

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