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What it Does

Menlo Security’s Cloud DLP Offers a Solution that Organizations of Any Size Can use to Prevent Data Exfiltration.

Cloud DLP works with our Isolation Core™ to more reliably identify and stop data from being uploaded to the web. Protect your personally identifiable information (PII) as well as your customer, patient, and other sensitive data that should not be publicly available.

Key Features

  • Real Time Data Visibility

    Identify and stop data exfiltration transported over the web including HTTP/HTTPS POST protocols.

  • Analytics and Reporting

    Built-in and custom queries, reports, alerts, event logs for traffic analysis.


    User/Group Policy and Authentication

    Apply granular policies quickly across the entire organization and use reporting tools to keep track of your environment.

  • FOUR

    Encrypted Traffic Management

    Intercept and inspect TLS/SSL-encrypted web browsing traffic.

  • FIVE

    Custom and Pre-Built Libraries

    Use custom or 300+ prebuilt data templates for FINRA, HIPPA, PCI DSS and FCA compliance requirements.

  • SIX

    Ease of Administration

    Centrally configure web security and access policies that are instantly applied to any user globally.

Our Solution



Data Loss Prevention
Global Visibility and Control for Every User and Device

Cloud Data Loss Prevention (DLP) monitors and prevents data exfiltration by users within the organization. Cloud DLP provides 100% reliable inspection of all file uploads and browser form fields by using our Isolation Core™ that sits between the user and the Internet.


By working with our Isolation and cloud proxy technologies, Cloud DLP identifies and tags specific data types deemed sensitive according to file type, regular expressions, or set data-type libraries.


DLP with isolation provides unmatched visibility and protection compared to traditional API-based solutions.

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Use Cases



Data privacy and compliance for Email and Web 

  • Prevent data exfiltration for HIPAA, PCI, and other data privacy compliance laws by blocking critical patient, credit card, financial and other data types from leaving the company. 


Granular Data Protection 

    1. Gain visibility and granular protection with robust libraries for data inspection that has over 300+ out-of-the-box data types for quick implementation + support for SSL Inspection


Single Policy 

    1. Configure a single data protection policy for all email and web traffic enterprise wide.

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