Adaptive Clientless Rendering

Patented Technology Ensures a Secure Yet Seamless User Experience
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Menlo’s patented Adaptive Clientless Rendering (ACR) technology is a cornerstone capability in Menlo's isolation architecture. For each type of web content, ACR selects the optimal encoding and transport mechanism for delivery to the user’s browser. For instance, dangerous content such as JavaScript or Flash is executed in Menlo's always-on pool of secure browsers and then delivered as a high-fidelity, interactive experience in the user’s browser. In all instances, the user’s browser receives nonexecutable, malware-free content that is indistinguishable from the user’s native experience.

ACR technology doesn't require any endpoint software or plug-ins. Coupled with Menlo's Global Elastic Cloud, ACR at scale deployments allows customers to open up all of the Internet to all of their users, with zero infections and zero impact on the user experience.

Zero Malware

It's safe to click. Menlo eliminates the need to block legitimate content in the interest of security, allowing you to feel confident opening up more of the Internet to your users, while knowing you've eliminated the risk of attack. Users likely won't even know that Menlo is working in the background to intercept web content on their behalf.

Native User Experience

ACR technology optimizes the processing and delivery of each content type to provide a perfect end-user experience. Menlo works with the user’s native browser (IE, Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox), removing the requirement for special client software or plug-ins on the end-user device, such as a thin client, a replacement browser, or a plug-in. Many browser extensions, such as password managers, Evernote, LinkedIn, Microsoft Office Online, and ADA/Accessibility extensions, are also supported.

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No Additional Resources Needed

No special client software or plug-ins mean there is nothing to be downloaded, updated, or managed. It also means there is no additional memory or CPU load added to your endpoints. Further, unlike other isolation solutions that sap bandwidth, slow the network, and impact browser performance, the Menlo solution doesn't require additional bandwidth. Menlo converts active content into HTML5 and uses just one-tenth the bandwidth used by video streaming isolation solutions.

Seamless User Experience

With Menlo, the end-user experience is nearly indistinguishable from that of native browsers, giving users no reason to want to bypass the Menlo-protected environment.


Smooth Scrolling

No choppy or pixelated scrolling.


Native Browser Menus

Right-click menus are consistent with native browsers.


Browser Extensions

Support for native browser extensions.


Fast, Smooth Video

No jitter, pixelation, or latency.


Native Copy, Paste, Find, & Print

No new unintuitive menus for users to learn.

Nothing gets in. Let us prove it.

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