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Introducing Cloud App Isolation


Manage shadow IT and stop data loss through cloud apps

Cloud Apps Are a Point of Attack

Protecting workers is a challenging task—for example, 29 percent of all attacks leverage legitimate cloud services to launch an attack. Once an attacker is inside the network, they can use the same cloud app to siphon or exfiltrate valuable information out of the organization.

You Can’t Fight What You Can’t See

Additionally, workers frequently use cloud apps that are invisible to network administrators—a common problem known as “shadow IT.” These invisible apps may contain vulnerabilities and pose significant risk to the network.In this environment, network administrators will find themselves struggling to keep up with new threats arriving from unsanctioned cloud applications day after day.

Isolate your cloud apps

Menlo Security is proud to announce the release of our Cloud App Isolation solution.Cloud App Isolation works with an external cloud access security broker (CASB) service to provide application management, visibility, and data loss prevention for cloud apps within your network by using cloud-based isolation.

Integrated CASB with Isolation

Isolation enhances the protective measures of CASB with deep integrations into Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS) and other providers.Cloud App Isolation receives a list of sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud apps from the connected service and applies security policies network-wide. For policy management, the feature helps administrators view policies globally and manage access to cloud apps on a per-user basis.Similar to Menlo Security’s Cloud DLP, our Isolation Core™ controls the channel between the endpoint device and the cloud server. This unique feature allows Cloud App Isolation to more reliably discover and isolate/block file uploads and downloads through cloud-based apps.Non-isolated solutions are less reliable, provide fewer access options, and have less visibility into sensitive data leaving the company through cloud apps.

Part of a total solution

Cloud App Isolation works with other Menlo Security product suite features to create a powerful solution that amplifies your security reach. With global insights, admins are able to pinpoint problem users by monitoring activities across cloud app usage, web browsing behavior, and document uploads.Our features work together to provide a major leap forward in protecting and managing the cloud presence and security of users around the globe.Contact our Sales Team to receive a demo!


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